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UHS 2nd Year MBBS Biochemistry Paper 2015

UHS 2nd Year MBBS Biochemistry Paper 2015

A 16 year old female presents in emergency with severe hypoglycemia and hepatomegaly. On lab investigation she is found to have lactic acidosis and hyperuricemia. On histological examination, her cells show increased deposition of glycogen.

a) Which enzyme is deficient in this patient? 1.5

b) Explain the cause of lactic acidosis and hyperuricemia in this patient. 3.5


a)which step in Cholesterol Synthesis is the rate limiting step? 2.5

b) Give a summry of enrgy yield from the oxidation of Palmitoyl CoA? 2.5


a) Define Transamination.


i) Name two important enzymes involved in Transamination reactions.

ii)What is their diagnosis value in liver disease and non-hepatic disease ?


Draw and label Electron Transport Chain along with complexes , sites of proton pump and site specific inhibitors.

b) How hyperuricemia occours in Lesh-Nyhan Syndrome?



i) Give characteristic of primer used in replication process.

ii) Write two applications of PCR


i) What is reverse transcription?

Which enzyme is required for reverse transcription?


a) A 45 yaar old obese female presents in emergency department with history of pain in right side of chest along with nausea and vomiting for two days. She also gives history of clay colored stools. On examination , she appears jaundiced. her serum Cholesterolis 300 mg/dl(normal upto 200mg/dl). What is the most probable cause of pain in right side of her chest. Name primary and secondary bile salts.

B) List the enzymes required for protein digestion. How pepsinogen is converted into pepsin?


a) A 40 year old laborer fainted on a hot summer evening and was brought to hospital. His skin was cold and clammy and blood presure was 100/60mmHg

i) Write his normal distribution of fluid in ECF and ICF compartments?

ii) Name one buffer each of ICF and Kidney.

b) What is gluconeogensis? Enumerate the major precursors of Gluconeogenesis.


a) a 25 Year old female who has never menstruated came to infertility clinic. Ultrasound report shows bilateral atrophy of ovaries. Lab report shows increased testosterone level. What is above type of ammenorhea called ? If hypothalmus and pititry are normal, how will you diagnose the case biochemically?

b) Explain the functions of Insulin on carbohydrates and lipid metabolism.


a) What is the rate limiting enzyme of Urea Cycle ? Why ammonia Intoxication is life threatening?

b) Describe the reaction catalyzed by acetyl CoA carboxylase. How is activity is regulated to control the rate of Fatty Acid Synthesis?

Federal Public Service Commission Appraisal / valuation office paper 14-09-2015

Federal Public Service Commission  Appraisal / valuation office paper 14-09-2015

1: Find the value… 5X=30 ?
2: Relation between two same quantities of same kind ?
3: Ratio of One kilometer to 600 meters ?
4: Number of elements in power set of {1,2,3} are…….?
5: Circumference of a circle is divided in ………. degrees?
6: A Right angle is an angle of ………. degrees?
7: Distance of any of any of circle to its center is known as …….?
8: Null set means …..?
9: A team won 4 hockey matches and lost 5 matches, The ratio of win to loss is……. ?
10: A part of circumference of a circle is ?
11: Diameter divides the circle in how many parts?
12: In a:b :: c:d , b and c are called ?
13: Radii of two externally touching circles are 3cm and 5cm, the distance between their centers will be?
14: 0.01 is equal to?
15: 1=1, 2=8, 3=27, ………….
16: 0.25 ? what percent
18: An outer angle of a right angle is equal to …….. degrees
19: Find , 4:x :: 5 : 15
20: Linear motion means……….?
21:Opposite charges …….. each other
22: Number of poles in a magnet?
23: In computer Technology, processed data is called?
24:process of how Plants make their food ?
25: An electronic message is known as……..?
26: Essential process for continuation of species is …….?
27: Genes are located on…… ?
28: Normal body temperature is …..?
29: Which one is more poisonous gas …..? ( Nitrogen, carbon, carbon mono oxide, neon)
30: study of preparing medicine is known as ….?
31: Smallest particle of matter is….?
32:Ratio of Hydrogen and oxygen in water …..?
33: ………. is used in thermometer.
34: Electron has ……. charge.
35: Diamond is a form of……….?
36: storage of charge is done in………..?
37:Quran was translated into Persian by ….?
38: Basic beliefs of Islam are …… ?
39: Madrassah Suffa was established at which mosque…?
40: Who was the guardian of the Holy Prophet………?
41: Battle of Badr was fought in ……… Hijra?
42: Saif Ullah was the title of …………?
43: ……… Idols were placed in Khana Kaaba?
44: Ameer-e Hajj was ……..?
45: Bani Hasham stayed in ……… during social bycott?
46: Superiority of Human Beings over Angels is due to………?
47: President Zia-ul-Haq died on……….? exact date
48: ………. was martyred on 27th December 2007.
49: Gomal pass connects….?
50: Founding members of E.C.O….?
51: Suez canal is near………? Egypt was the answer.
52: Russia attacked Afghanistan on…..?
53: Tashkent was signed between?
54: Bangladesh was separated after the war of…..?
55: Babri Mosque was demolished in the year…..?
56: Economic corridor connects …….?
57: Second World War took place from…… to …….?
58:Mangla Dam is located in…..?
59: Second Islamic Conference was held in which city?
60: Iranian Revolution in the year……?
61: Which department is responsible for the discovery of oil and gas in Pakistan….?
62: Capital of Morocco?
63: PM of India?
64: PM of Britain?
65: Afghanistan-Pakistan border is known as…….?
66: Geneva accord was signed on…. ?exact date
67: Tragedy of World Trade Center took place in the city of…….?
68: Gondwana port is located on which ocean/bay?
69:All India Muslim League was founded in the city of…..?
70: Quaid-e-Azam presented his 14 points in the year…..?
71:The pamphlet ‘Now or Never’ was written by ……..?
72: Last Governor General of United India?
73: Last Governor General of Pakistan..?
74:First martial law in Pakistan was promulgated in the year……?
75:Water dispute with India was settled through ……?
76: Free books should be provided ……. poor students.
77: He is blind ….. one eye.
78: He cast a glance …… me.
79: Poor health is always a drawback…..success in life.
80: This officer is very prompt…… taking decisions.

FPSC MCQS Paper of Appraising/Valuation Paper(BATCH-III) 2015

FPSC MCQS Paper of Appraising/Valuation Paper(BATCH-III) 2015


For each question, find the sentence that has a mistake
in capitalization or punctuation. If you find no
mistakes, mark choice d.

1- a. The instructor asked us if we needed more
 question marks is incorrect
b. Carla’s mother is a pediatric dentist.
c. Every item in the store costs less than a
d. No mistakes.

2- a. Jane’s family owned three Persian cats.
b. My Uncle always takes the subway to Yankee

c. Everyone knows that Marisa’s favorite book
is Pride and Prejudice.
d. No mistakes

3. a. “I’ll do the grocery shopping for you,
grandma,” Lucy said.
b. “Where can I find the best pizza in town?”
he asked.
c. “Be sure to arrive two hours early,” she
d. No mistakes.

4-. a. I always have a hard time getting up in the
b. We tooka tent, a cooler, and a sleeping bag.
c. The fog was as thick as potato soup.
d. No mistakes.

5-. a. This is someone elses coat.
b. Which of these songs was recorded by Bruce
c. That book must be yours.
d. No mistakes.

6. a. Don’t stand in my way.
b. Cecilia and I fought our way through the
c. The vegetables were old rubbery and
tasteless(need comma).

d. No mistakes.

7-. a. Remember to walk the dog.
b. “Don’t run”! Mr. Ellington shouted.(must be inside commas)
c. It’s supposed to snow today and tomorrow.
d. No mistakes.

8. a. Charleen’s parents worried whenever she
drove the car.
b. Who designed the Brooklyn Bridge?
c. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio have been
eradicated.(no need to capitalize)

d. No mistakes.

9-. a. Can you find the Indian ocean on this map?Ocean
b. Which river, the Nile or the Amazon, is
c. Lerner Avenue runs into the Thompson
d. No mistakes.

10. a. He’s the best dancer in the school.
b. We were planning to go, but the meeting
was canceled.
c. “Okay,” she said,I’ll go with you.”=(“I’ll go with you.”)
d. No mistakes.

11. a. Does Judge Parker live on your street?
b. Twenty government officials met to deal
with Wednesday’s crisis.
c. The Mayor spoke at a news conference this

d. No mistakes.

General Intelligence

12-Objective resolution was presented by =liaqat ali khan

13-rate of respiration —-with rise in temperature( increases ,decreases slowly, decreases abruptly)
(such that as the temperature rises, so will the rate of cellular respiration, and as the temperature decreases, so will the rate of cellular respiration.

14-Kashmir plebiscited by UN in : 1949 

15-on 30 september 1947 pakistan joined which organization= UNO

16-The State Bank itself was inaugurated by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 1st July: (1947, 1948, 1949, none)

17-who conquered last fort of khyber? Hazrat Ali (RA)

18-the first copy of The Holy Quran was compiled =Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)

19-hijri calender was started by :Hazrat Umar RA

20-richest source of vitamin a is =carrot

21-treaty of hudaibiya between muslims and ?= non believers of Makkah

22-Washing soda : hydrated sodium carbonate

23-Nobel prize abdul salam was awarded in=1979,1969

24-einstein nobel prize in =physics

25-The olive branch is usually a symbol of= peace

26-youm e yakjehti pak Kashmir=5 feb

27-Wood burning emit =carbon mono oxide.

28-Why rainbow formed after rain=water droplet stay in air and refrect light like prism

29Why pressure cooker cook in less time = more pressure increases boiling point of water

30-Unit of current=ampere

31-United Nations was officially formed= 1945

32-Tauheed means _________. a)Oneness of Allah b)To recognize one c)Sovereignty of All d)All of them

33-why evaporation lowers temperature?=cooling effect
How fan provides cooling=fan help air to mve and carry water molecules

34-One horsepower for rating electric motors is equal to= 746 watts

35-why pressure cooker cooks food fast?=boiling point of water increases

36-sea water purify through the process of =distillation

37-hard water doest not mix with soap why?=carbonates of calcium and manessium

38-What is the literal meaning of Sunnah?
A mode of life, A manner of Acting, and A Rule of Conduct.all

39-hadis means? Saying,actions,recommendation,all of these

40-Islam literal meaning? submission to Allah

41-Rasool means= arbitrator,messenger

42-can be used as a fuel =methane


Peshawar University Sample Paper for MS/ M.Phil. and Ph.D. screening Test

Peshawar University Sample Paper for MS/ M.Phil. and Ph.D. screening Test

Sample Screening Test
The test consists of 20 problems to be attempted in 100 minutes.
1. Classical Mechanics (4 problems)
i. A massless spring with force constant k launches a ball of mass m. In order for the ball to reach a speed v, by what displacement s should the spring be compressed?
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}
2. Electrodynamics (4 problems)
ii. Consider two very long, straight, insulated wires oriented at right angles. The wires carry currents of equal magnitude I in the directions shown in the figure. What is the net magnetic field at point P?
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}
3. Quantum Mechanics (3 problems)
iii. The normalized ground state wave function of hydrogen is
0 is the Bohr radius. What is the most likely distance that the electron is from the nucleus?
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}
4. Solid-State Physics (3 problems)
iv. X-rays of wavelength =0.250 nm are incident on the face of a crystal at angle , measured from the crystal surface. The smallest angle that yields an intense reflected beam is =14.5°. The value of the interplanar spacing d comes out to be?
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}
5. Mathematical Methods of Physics (3 problems)
v. A spin 12 particle is in the state described by the spinor χ=A(1+i2)
where A is a normalization constant. The probability of finding the particle with spin projection =−ℏ/2 is.
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}
6. Thermal and Statistical Mechanics (3 problems)
vi. A thermodynamic system, initially at absolute temperature T1, contains a mass m of water with specific heat capacity c. Heat is added until the temperature rises to T2. The change in entropy of the water is.
{Problem is to be solved in the provided space}

FPSC Appraising/Valuation Officer Paper 2015

FPSC Appraising/Valuation Officer Paper 2015

1) Father of Hazrat Ayesha(R.A)…. Hazrat Abu Bakr siddique(R.A)
2) obtuse angle…. Greater than 90.
3) Geneva Accord…. April 16,1988
4) 1=5;2=4;3=6;4=5 then 5=7
5)cube root of 3…..27
6)ghazwa ohd….. 3 hijri
7)Muslim league founded…. 1906
8) Allama Iqbal khutba in 1930…@ Ilabad.
9)Last governor general of united India…. Canning
10) last governor general of Pakistan… Sikandar Mirza
11) pak-afghan border…. Durand line
12) khunjrab pass connects Pakistan & china.
13) last railway station of KPK….. Landi kotal
14) Turner in …. balochistan
15) zun no rain…. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
16) Iran inqilaab… 1979
17) ECO founder member… Iran, pak,turkey
18)2nd world war…1939-45
19) Optic illusion…. Mirage
20) first martial law….7 Oct 1958
21) Fatima Jinnah contested…. Ayub Khan
22) mother of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)… Hazrat Amna (R.A)
23) parallelogram opposite angles…. Equal
24) radius is distance from circumference point to centre.
25) sum of all angles of triangle…180
26)sum of all angles of circle… 360
27) Zia ul Huq… 17 aug 1988
28) Russia invaded Afghanistan…. Dec 1979
29) Maracco capital… Rabat
30) KSA king…. King suleiman
28 KSA king…. King suleiman
29 Russia invaded Afghanistan…. Dec 1979
30 Maracco capital… Rabat
31 Zia ul Huq… 17 aug 1988
32 sum of all angles of triangle…180
33 radius is distance from circumference point to….
34 parallelogram opposite angles…. Equal
35 Optic illusion…. Mirage…weak eye side…
36 2nd world war…1939-45
37 ECO founder member… Iran, pak,turkey
38 Iran inqilaab… 1979
39 last railway station of KPK….. Landi kotal
40 Allama Iqbal khutba in 1930… Allabad.
41 cube root of 3…..27
42 1=5;2=4;3=6;4=5 then 5=7
43 Geneva Accord…. April 16,1988
44 obtuse angle…. Greater than 90.
45 Two parallel lines…..never meet
46 Empty set is called……Null set
47 Hereditary Traits are something like this…….. DNA
48 Neuron is unit of…. nervous system
49 Nervous system desease… Epilepsy
50 cardiac diseases relate to ……..Heart
51 skeleton function to…support the body..
52 circuit saver… Fuse
53 Bangladesh… Dec 16,1971
54 speed of car when stops…. Zero
55 mangla dam…. Punjab
56 sound of thunder…. Aftr light
57 how many angles in a circle…4??
58 100cm=1km what is the ratio 1:1000
59 hexagon has… six sides
60 the angle between X and YX is…..180
61 0.5 is equal to 1/2
62 0.25 is 25%
63 0.1 is equal to 1/10

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