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Sample Paper of State Bank of Pakistan

 Sample Paper of State Bank of Pakistan


1. Following the passage refers to the numbered sentences in the passage. Answer the question by choosing the best alternative using logic and organization.

When television is good, nothing-not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers-nothing is inferior. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there without a book, magazine, newspaper, or anything else to distract you.

The word inferior in sentence 1 should be
A. Left as it is
B. Changed to worse
C. Changed to the best
D. Changed to anterior
E. Changed to better

2. Each of the following questions consists of a sentence with all or part of the sentence underlined. Select one phrase that has the same or nearly the same meaning as the original and, follows the requirements of standard written English.

There is a small number of apples still remaining on the tree.
A. is a short amount of
B. is a small amount of
C. are very few
D. is very few
E. were very few

3. Read each group of sentences, then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.
I like Oliver Twist better than Huckleberry Finn.
Dickens is better writer than Twain.
4. What is happening in the sentences?
A. A comparison is made in terms of British and American authors.
B. A conclusion is drawn on the basis of opinion.
C. A conclusion is drawn on the basis of fact.
D. A comparison is made in terms of growing up in England or America.
E. A relationship is drawn between the writing style of Dickens and Twain.

5. Read the passage to answer questions 4-7

At the turn of the twentieth century, people’s attitudes toward money were far more conservative than they are today. Borrowing and being in debt were viewed as a moral failing, almost as a disgrace. Thrift and saving were highly prized, and people who needed to borrow to make ends meet were seen as careless, unreliable, or extravagant. The focus in the economy as a whole was on developing large corporations like railroads, oil companies, and other companies that produced basic goods and services.
Then, in the 1920s, the economy changed. A huge network of banks and financial institutions developed, helping money to move more quickly and easily through the economy. At the same time, the economy was increasing its focus on consumer goods— clothing, cars, household appliances, and other things that individuals buy. To help promote the sale of these items, consumers were encouraged to buy on credit. If they could not afford an item right away, a store or a bank might lend them the money, which they could pay back in installments.
With the development of consumer credit and installment purchases, people’s attitudes toward debt and spending changed. The model citizen was no longer someone who was thrifty, buying only what he or she needed. People were respected less for being thrifty than for knowing how to use their money to buy as many things as possible— an attitude that persists at the turn of the twenty-first century.

6. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a belief that was commonly held in the early twentieth century?
A. Owing someone money is a moral failing.
B. People who save their money are respectable.
C. People who buy as many things as possible are respectable.
D. People who borrow money for necessities are careless and unreliable.

7. What helped money move more quickly through the economy in the 1920s?
A. The growth of railroads
B. The growth of banks and financial institutions
C. The rate at which people paid back their loans
D. The increase in instalment purchases

8. The author mentions cars as an example of
A. A consumer good
B. A household appliance
C. An extravagant purchase
D. A new invention
9. According to the passage, how did the rise of consumer credit change people’s attitudes toward debt and spending?
A. Attitudes toward debt and spending became more conservative.
B. People used credit to buy only what they needed.
C. Extravagant borrowing and spending became highly prized.
D. Spending wisely became more respectable than being thrifty.

1. During a certain week, a post office sold Rs.280 worth of 14-paisas stamps. How many of these stamps did they sell?
A. 20
B. 2,000
C. 3,900
D. 20,000
E. 39,200
2. What is the percent profit made on the sale of 1,000 shares of stock bought at Rs.10 per share and sold at Rs.12 per share?
A. 0.2%
B. 2%
C. 16%
D. 20%
E. 25%
3. A discount of 15 percent from a marked price produces a net price which is what percent of the marked price.
A. 0.15%
B. 0.85%
C. 15%
D. 85%
E. 115%
4. If 3 (x + 5y) = 24, find y when x = 3.
A. 1
B. 3
D. 7
5. If n is an integer, then which one of the following expressions must be even?
A. n + 1
B. n(n + 2)
C. n(n + 1)
D. n(n +4)
E. (n + 1)(n + 3)
6. What is the effect on area of circle if its radius is cut down to half?
A. remains same
B. becomes half
C. becomes quarter
D. may or may not change
7. A contractor has to build a bridge in 50 days. Initially he employed 20 men, but found that only half of the work has been completed in 30 days. How many more men he has to employ to finish the job in time?
A. 30
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

1. A=1, B=4, C=7 and so on, then what does 13 stand for?
A. D
B. E
C. F
D. G
2. A banana is to the peeling and an ear of corn is to the husk as an egg is to:
A. Omelet
B. Shell
C. Cob
D. Hen
E. Food
3. Insert mathematical signs to complete the equation:

25 _____ 5 _____ 4 = 1
A. /, -
B. x, +
C. -, -
D. +,+
4. If 5th of the month falls two days after Monday, what day of the week will fall on 19th of the month?
A. Wednesday
B. Thursday
C. Friday
D. Saturday
5. Give one letter which can be taken out of all the following words to make new words:

A. O
B. E
C. A
D. U
6. Currently the total number of European Union member states is:
A. 10
B. 27
C. 18
D. 41
7. _______ is considered as the Man behind the Malaysian economic success.
A. Anwar Ibrahim
B. Abdullah Badavi
C. Mahatir Muhammad
D. None of the above
8. ______ is current president of Islamic Republic of Iran.
A. Hashmi Rafsanjani
B. Sayyed Muhammad Khatami
C. Ayyatullah Khamenai
D. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
9. The newly elected Pakistani Senators will take oath on _______.
A. March 11, 2009
B. March 12, 2009
C. March 13, 2009
D. March 14, 2009
E. March 25, 2009
10. The United States has granted the status of major non-NATO ally to which one of the following countries recently?
A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Afghanistan
D. Myanmar
11. The distance of the planets from the sun in the increasing order is
A. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
B. Venus, Earth, Mars, Mercury
C. Earth, Mars, Mercury, Venus
D. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth
12. The current name of Burma is
A. Myanmar
B. Ivory Coast
C. Namibia
D. Djibouti
13. Who was called “the Shakespeare of Punjabi Literature”?
A. Bhul-e-Shah
B. Sultan Bahu
C. Waris Shah
D. Ustaad Daman
E. Allama Iqbal

Political Science Mcqs Past Paper

Political Science Mcqs Past Paper

Who is called the “Intellectual Father of French Revolution?

J.J Rousseau

(2) GENERAL WILL as concept was introduced by:

(3) Karl Marx is known for his theory of :
Meterialistic Interpretation of history

(4) “Man by nature is a social and political animal” is the cornerstone of the
philosophy of:


(5) The author of the Book The Laws was:

(6) The center of Learning to the Greeks was the city state of :

(7) which of the thinkers is a social contractualist?


(8) “Principle of Utility” as a formula was the idea of :

Jeremy Bentham

(9) Modern Political thought begins with
(10) Plato was a:

(11) “Two treatises on civil Government” constitute the basic source
of Political thought of :


(12) Marx and Engels produced the famous book’ Common Manifesto’ In:
(13) “ Siyasatnama” and ‘Majma ul Wasaya’ are the two books on
administration attributed to:

Nizam ul Mulk Tusi
(14) Montesquieu by birth belonged to:

(15) Al-Ghazzali was a philosopher of :

11th century

(16) Sepration of Ethics and Politics was the principle notion in the
philosophy of:
(17) A Bi-cameral legislature as most suited to:

Federal States

(21) Ahya ul ulum is the work of:
Al Ghazali
(22) He is famous for his work “Muqaddameh”:

Ibn Khuldun

(23) The Bolshevik movement in Russia was led by:

(24) He is known as the major theorist of bureaucracy:

Max Weber
(25) Cultural Revolution in China was launched under the leadership of:

Mao dzedung
(26) Collective responsibility is a feature of:
Parliamentary form
(27) Decentralization is a feature of:
Federal System

(28) Dictatorship of the Proletariat is one of the concepts of:
Karl Marx
(29) The general Will is the political concept of:

J. J. Rousseau

(30) ‘Leviathan’ is written by:
Thomas Hobbes

(31) “An essay concerning Human Understanding” is written by:
John Locke
(34) “Political Science begins and ends with the state” is said by:

Professor Garner

(35) Thyau’l-Ulum was the chief work of:

Al Ghazali

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC All Papers Mcqs of Custom Inspector, Preventive & Appraising/Valuation Officer 2015

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC All Papers Mcqs of Custom Inspector, Preventive & Appraising/Valuation Officer 2015

1. What is Moon? Satellite
2. Charge on Neutron? Neutral
3. Current flow means? Flow of electron
4. What is freezing point of Water? 0C
5. When Muslim league come into being? 1906
6. First president of Pakistan Muslim League? Ch. Khaliquzzaman (1949)
7. Which melts in room temperature? Mercury
8. Who is the chairman of Senate of Pakistan? Raza Rabbani
9. What is Soap? Salt
10. What type of gas in electric bulb? None of these(use Argon, neon etc)
11. Who is Saudia King? Salman
12. Who put martial law in 1977? Zia ul Ha
13. Who abrogated constitution in 1958 and put martial law? Sikandar Mirza
14. Who is chancellor of Germany? Angela Markel
15. Second prime minister of Pakistan? Nazim ud din
16. Who murdered Hazrat Ali R.A? Abdal-Rahman ibn Muljam
17. Zakat obliged in ? 2.A.H
18. Battle of Trench? 5 Hijri
19. Australia Capital? Canbera
20. Who accompanied in Hijrat to Hazrat Muhammat PBUH? Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A
21. Evolution means? Continuous
22. Zamzam means? Stop flowing
23. After one unit in 1955 who become Chief minister of West Pakistan? Dr Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
24. In 1946 ministry of finance to? Liaquat Ali Khan
25. Simon Commission report in year of ? 1930
26. Capital change to Delhi from Culcutta in? 1911
27. Dry ice? Solid Carbon dioxide
28. Indus Basin Treaty ? 1960
29. Sheetan ko pebble kaha marty? Muzdalfa
30. ILO? International Labour Organization
31. Kashghar is in ? China
32. Pakistan and China connect with? Khunjrab Pass
33. Lolyd Muhammaden authored by? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
34. Hormuz lies between? Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf
35. Who abolished one unit? Yahya khan
36. Jaliawala Bagh Massacre at? Amrster 1919
37. Sindh separated ? Govt of India Act 1935
39. After 1946 election the CM of NWFP? Dr. Khan Sahib(Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan)
40. Which is landlocked country? Nepal
41. P.M of Iraq? Haider al abidi
42. New name of Burma? Myanmar
43. Pakistan and India boundary line? Radcliff
44. Thickest layer of earth?Mantle
45. Income tax rate is 10% if tax deducted is 1500 what will be the income? 15000
46. 1,2,4,7,11,16,22……… ? 29
47. A boy purchase pen for Rs.80 and sold for 40? Loss Rs. 40
48. A men purchase book of 440 and sold in 400? Loss 40
49. CNG? Compressed Natural Gas
50. Quran Pak completed in? 23 years
51. Janat Ul Baqi? Madina
52. Daily wages of worker is 200 increased by 10%? 220
53. Hexagon ? Six sided
54. More elastic? Steel
55. Diamond is the form of? Carbon
56. 1st constitution assembly dissolved by? Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad
57. Montague Chelmsford reforms? 1919
58. Blood is cleaned by? Liver
59. Baqrah surah means? Cow
60. 4cm square area? 16cm2
61. 3% of 2000? 60
62. If 16 men complete work in 10 days how much days required completing work by 8 men? 20 days.
63. If 45% students fail and 550 pass total number of students? 1000
64. Four side equal ? Square
66. Animals Who kill other for food is called ? Predator
67. Jaddah seaport is on? Red sea
68. All that glitters is not Gold.
69. Glance at
70. Insensible to
71. Temperate in
72. Living on
73. No one took care…. Died
74. He said good bye to his father
75. Elephant belongs to my sister and me.
76. Between 200-300 A.H 6 Hadith books were written.
77. SAARC has 8 members.
78. Rats and mice killed by rohtendecides
1.Alloy of bronze : copper and Tin
2. Death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH): 632AD
3. Compilation of Quran into book : Hazrat Abu bakar
4. 8th Amendment in constitution: Zia-ul-Haq
5. First C-n-C: General mersery
6. Governer General of State bank of pakistan: Ashraf mehmood wathra
7. 2nd Governer General of Pakistan: Nazimun din
8. Daughter’s of Muhammad (PBUH) : 4
9. Mycology is study of : Fungi
10. Prisedent of France: francios Holland
11. Heptagon: 7 sides
12. Surah without Bismillah: Surah Touba
13. President of Iran: hassan rohani
14. Current Unit: Ampere
15. USA foreign Secretary: John Kerry 68th Secretary of State of the United States.
16. Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations: Maliha Lodhi
17. Iraqi President: Fuad Masum
18. Light year is measured : distance
19. Simla deputation presented the memorial in front of viceroy Lord minto
20. 8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.
21. Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles
22.Vitamin A: Night Vision
23.Carrot having: Vitamin A
26: Pakistan area: 796,095 km²
27. Egypt is situated in Africa
28. Suez Chanel : Connects red sea to Mediterranean
1909 reforms minto morely
Carrot source of vit A
Vit A deficiency night blindness
Current unit ampere
Light year unit of length
Sun is star
Warkha bin naufil
Zunurain :Usman RA
4 daughters of prophet
Event of Miraj 10 nabvi
Prophet pbuh died 8june 632AD
Study of fungi mycology
Used in pencil graphite
Ozone prevents UV rays
Member of contituent assembly 1946 jogendrnath
1973 constitution became effective on 14th august
First marshal law 7th oct 1958
One unit 1954
AIML founded in Dhaka
Simla deputation met curzon
Annulement of bengal partition in 1911
Lucknow pact between Aiml and congress
Cabinet paln had three members
Second gov general of pak namzimudin
Plants intake O2 and produce CO2 at night
Al aqsa mosque jerusulm
Us states 50
Egypt in Africa
Suez canal connects red and meditterranean sea
SG of un ban ki moon
Bronze alloy cu and tin
NATO north atlantic treaty org
Without bismillah sura Tauba
NWFP becameprovince under british rule 1901
1- Prophet’s daughters; 4
2- Hazrat Khadija took Muhammad PBUH to; Warqa Bin Naufl
3- Soorah without Bismillah; Tauba
4- 1st compilation of Quran; Hazrat Abo-Bakar RA
5- Zunnorain; Hazrat Usman RA
6- Conquest of Makkah; 8th AH
7- Miraj incident; 10th Nabwi
8- Death of Muhammad PBUH; 632 AD (I wrote 633 AD)
9- 1st Revelation; 610 AD
10- Al-Aqsa mosque; Jerusalem
Alaqas a moseque is in baitulmuqdas old city of jeruselum.
Quran pak converted in to book in the era of Hazrat Abu Bakar siddique.
8th Amendment in constitution is in the era of Gen zia ul haq in 1985 and excessive used by president ghulam ishaq khan.
First commander and chief of Pakistan frank misservy.
Second governal general of Pakistan is khawaja Muhammad nazim uddin.
Heptagon has seven sides.
Scalene Triangle: No equal sides, No equal angles
8th Hijri Fateh Makkah.
Simla deputation presented the memorial in front of viceroy Lord minto
Light year is unit of length.
Member of constitution assembly assembly in 1946 was jogendrnath.
First marshal law 7th oct 1958.
Partition of Bengal was on 1911.
Freezing point of water is 32f.
Distillation is the process through which salt is removed from water.
Meteorology is the scientific study of the atmosphere.
Red green and blue are primary colures.
Rowlatt act also known as The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act, 1919.
Lack of Vitamin-A; Night-Blindness
Carrot is a source of Vitamin; A
Mycology; Study of Fungi
Electrons revolve around; Nucleus
Battery; converts chemical to electrical
Universal donor; O negative (That’s what I have written)
Sun; Star
Plants intake/out-take at night; Oxygen/ Carbon di Oxide
Laughing gas; Nitrous Oxide
Freezing point of Water; 32 F
Salty water; Distillation (I wrote Filtration)
Primary colors; I wrote Red-Green-Blue (Don’t know the right answer)
Pencil; Graphite
Light-year; Length/distance
Spider; 8 legs
Bronze; Cu- Tin
Meteorology; Study of atmosphere
Unit of current; Ampere
3. First C-n-C-General mersery
4. Governor General of SBP-Ashraf mehmood wathra
5. 2nd Governor General of Pakistan-Nazimudin
6. No. Of daughter’s of SAW-4
7. President of Iraq-Faud Masum
8. US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan is-James Dobbins.
9. Franc’s President- François Hollande
10. Turkey’s President-Tayyip Erdoğan
11. Iran’s President- Hassan Rouhani
12. Unit of Current-Ampere
27. Zunurain (having 2 noors who got married to the daughters of SAW)-Usman
28. Sound can’t travel through vacuum.
29. Chemical to electricity is-Battery
30. Pak area-79695 km2
31. Egypt in-Africa
32. Suez Canal Connects-Red Sea+Mediterranean sea
35. US States-50
38. 1st revelation took plance in-610 AD
39. Al-Aqsa mosque is in-Jaruselaeum
40. Jogendra Nath Mandal was the member of constitution assembly in-1946
41. 1st Martial law took place in-7th Oct, 1958
42. Partitaion of Bengal annulled-1911
43. Luck now pact was between-Muslim+Congress
44. Freezing point of water is 0 degree
45. Salt gets off though-distillation
49. 5,8, 11,? 14
50. Electrons revolve around-Nucleus
51. Pencil-Graphite
52. Ozone protects-UV Rays
53. One unit was initiated on 22th Nov & established/took place on-14th Oct, 1955
54. KPK was constituted to become a province by British in-1946
Normal body temperature
location of genes in body,,,DNA
NO OF poles in magnet…2
opposite charge… attract
charge is store in… capacitor
diameter always divide circle in…2parts
no of bones in human skeleton….206
right angle is ,,,,90
ratio of 1km to 600m,,,,5/3
power set of (1,2,3) has no of elements,,,,8
for survival of species ,,,,,reproduction is necessary
study of medicine manufacturing is called,,,,pharmacy
saif ullah is tittle of which sahabi,,,,khalid bin waleed RA
muslim stay in ,,,,,,,,during social baycott
who translated quran from arabic into persian,,,,,shah wali ullah
basic belief in islam,,,,5
diamond is form of ,,,,,carbon
ghzwa badar was happend in ,,,,,2 hijri
dangerous gas is,,,,co
all india muslim league was founded in ,,,,Dhaka
quaid e azam deliverd 14 points in 1929
first president of pakistan ,,,iskindar mirza
who wrote now or never,,,,ch rahmat ali
last viceroy of india ,,,,lord mount battn
first marshal law was imposed in 1958
indus basin treaty was signed in 1960
0n 27th december 2007,,,,,,,,was assinated.benazir bhutto
gomal pass canectted ,,,,,pakistan and afghanistan
zia ul haq was died in ,,,,17th august 1988
sueze canal is situated near to ,,,,,egypt
pakistan and afghanistan border is called,,,,duard line
ECO founding members,,pakistan,turkey,iran
muslim performed first hajj in supervision of hazrat ,,,,ABOU BAKAR RA
2nd world war was,,,,1939 to 1945
world trade center located in newyork
2nd islamic summit was held in,,,,lahore
babri masjid accident was happend in,,,,1992
present british prime minister is ,,,,,david cameron
iran revolution was in ….1979
russia attacked on afghanistan in ,,,,1979
electron has,,,,negative charge
guardian of holly prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)…..hazrat Abou Talib
mangla dam is situated in which province,,,,none of these
Circumference divide circle into,,,,,,degrees .360
distance on circle circumference is called ,,,,arc
two circle having radius of 3,5 and touching extremely,,,,center distance between them is ….8
0.01 can be written as,,,,1/100
25% can be written as ,,,,,0.25
a;b::c;d,band c is called means
motion of an object moving satraigth line is calle ,,,,,linear motion
null set is also called ….empty set
afghanistan president is ,,,,Ashraf Ghani
Capital of Nepal(katmando)
2. Capital of USA (Washington DC)
3. Capital of morocco (Rabat)
4. Kaaba first time construct (Ibrahim a.s.)
5. Islamic revolution in Iran (1979)
6. Khunjrab pass (pak & china)
7. Last railway station in KPK (Landikotal)
8. Devine Books (4)
9. PLO Abrevation
10. Abdul kalam azad belong to (india congress)
11. Gomal pass (pak & afganistan)
12. Mangla Dam (None)
13. Uhad battle (3 hijri)
14. First mosque in Islam ( Masjid Quba)
15. Madrassa name in masjid nabvi s.a.w.(madrassa suffa)
16. Zun norain (Hazrat Usman r.a)
17. Saifullah (Hazrat Khalid bin walid r.z)
18. Hazrat ayesha father (hazrat abubakkar r.z)
19. Atom has charge (neutral)
20. Russia attack on afganistan(1979)
21. Fall of dhaka took place (1971)
22. Founding member ECO (Pakistan, Iran, Turkey)
1: Find the value… 5X=30 ?
3: Ratio of One kilometer to 600 meters ?
5: Circumference of a circle is divided in ………. Degrees?
6: A Right angle is an angle of ………. Degrees?
7: Distance of any of any of circle to its center is known as …….?
8: Null set means …..?
9: A team won 4 hockey matches and lost 5 matches, The ratio of win to loss is……. ?
10: A part of circumference of a circle is ?
11: Diameter divides the circle in how many parts?
12: In a:b :: c:d , b and c are called ?
13: Radii of two externally touching circles are 3cm and 5cm, the distance between their centers will be?
14: 0.01 is equal to?
15: 1=1, 2=8, 3=27, ………….
16: 0.25 ? What percent
18: An outer angle of a right angle is equal to …….. Degrees
19: Find , 4:x :: 5 : 15
20: Linear motion means……….?
1:Opposite charges …….. Each other
2: Number of poles in a magnet?
3: In computer Technology, processed data is called?
4:process of how Plants make their food ?
5: An electronic message is known as……..?
6: Essential process for continuation of species is …….?
7: Genes are located on…… ?
8: Normal body temperature is …..?
9: Which one is more poisonous gas …..? ( Nitrogen, carbon, carbon mono oxide, neon)
10: study of preparing medicine is known as ….?
11: Smallest particle of matter is….?
12:Ratio of Hydrogen and oxygen in water …..?
13: ………. Is used in thermometer.
14: Electron has ……. Charge.
15: Diamond is a form of……….?
16: storage of charge is done in………..?
1:Quran was translated into Persian by ….?
2: Basic beliefs of Islam are …… ?
3: Madrassah Suffa was established at which mosque…?
4: Who was the guardian of the Holy Prophet………?
5: Battle of Badr was fought in ……… Hijra?
6: Saif Ullah was the title of …………?
7: ……… Idols were placed in Khana Kaaba?
8: Ameer-e Hajj was ……..?
9: Bani Hasham stayed in ……… During social bycott?
10: Superiority of Human Beings over Angels is due to………?
1: President Zia-ul-Haq died on……….?
2: ………. Was martyred on 27th December 2007.
3: Gomal pass connects….?
4: Founding members of E.C.O….?
5 : Suez canal is near………? Egypt
6: Russia attacked Afghanistan on…..?
7: Tashkent was signed between?
8: Bangladesh was separated after the war of…..?
9: Babri Mosque was demolished in the year…..?
10: Economic corridor connects …….?
11: Second World War took place from…… To …….?
12:Mangla Dam is located in…..?
13: Second Islamic Conference was held in which city?
14: Iranian Revolution in the year……?
15: Which department is responsible for the discovery of oil and gas in Pakistan….?
16: Capital of Morocco?
17: PM of India?
18: PM of Britain?
19: Afghanistan-Pakistan border is known as…….?
20: Geneva accord was signed on…. ?Exact date
21: Tragedy of World Trade Center took place in the city of…….?
22: Gondwana port is located on which ocean/bay?
23:All India Muslim League was founded in the city of…..?
24: Quaid-e-Azam presented his 14 points in the year…..?
25:The pamphlet ‘Now or Never’ was written by ……..?
26: Last Governor General of United India?
27: Last Governor General of Pakistan..?
28:First martial law in Pakistan was promulgated in the year……?
29:Water dispute with India was settled through ……?
Father of Hazrat Ayesha(R.A)…. Hazrat Abu Bakr siddique(R.A)
2) obtuse angle…. Greater than 90.
3) Geneva Accord…. April 16,1988
4) 1=5;2=4;3=6;4=5 then 5=7
5)cube root of 3…..27
6)ghazwa ohd….. 3 hijri
7)Muslim league founded…. 1906
8) Allama Iqbal khutba in 1930…at Ilabad.
9)Last governor general of united India…. Canning
10) last governor general of Pakistan… Sikandar Mirza
11) pak-afghan border…. Durand line
12) khunjrab pass connects Pakistan & china.
13) last railway station of KPK….. Landi kotal
14) Turner in …. Balochistan
15) zun no rain…. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
16) Iran inqilaab… 1979
17) ECO founder member… Iran, pak,turkey
18)2nd world war…1939-45
19) Optic illusion…. Mirage
20) first martial law….7 Oct 1958
21) Fatima Jinnah contested…. Ayub Khan
22) mother of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)… Hazrat Amna (R.A)
23) parallelogram opposite angles…. Equal
24) radius is distance from circumference point to centre.
25) sum of all angles of triangle…180
26)sum of all angles of circle… 360
27) Zia ul Huq… 17 aug 1988
28) Russia invaded Afghanistan…. Dec 1979
29) Maracco capital… Rabat
30) KSA king…. King Suleiman
1 Saifullah laqab… Hazrat Khalid bin waleed
2 Quran revealed …Ramzan
3 jang e ohad …3h
4 zunnuraiin…hazrat Usman RA
5 Hazrat ayesha RA daughter of…Abu bakar RA
6 Mother name of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH….Hazrat amna..
7 last governor of pak…Iskandar mirza
8 last governor of united india…..
9 tashkent between…pak india
10 durand line…pak afghan
11 khunjerab pass…pak chine
12 gomal pass…..pak afghan
13 turbat in which province…balochistan
14 muslim league found in….1906
15 cardiac related to….
16 capital of usa….Washington
17 capital of nepal…..kathmandu
18 suez canal in….egypt
19 chronometer is used to measure?
20 barometer….air pressure
21 first Mosque….Quba
22 madrissah made in Masjid nabvi….Suffah
23 PLO stand for….. Palestine liberation organization
24 ECO members….p
25 ICC president name…zaheer abass
26 abul kalam azad belongs to which party…congress
27 asmani kitabain…4
31) first masjid…. Quba
32) circuit saver… Fuse
33) hereditary traits…. Chromosome or DNA?
34) Bangladesh… Dec 16,1971
35) taskent… B/w pak & India
36) sound of thunder…. Aftr light
37) volcano contain lava
38) mangla dam…. Punjab
39) speed of car when stops…. Zero
40) Skeleton supports body or organs???
28 KSA king…. King suleiman
29 Russia invaded Afghanistan…. Dec 1979
30 Maracco capital… Rabat
31 Zia ul Huq… 17 aug 1988
32 sum of all angles of triangle…180
33 radius is distance from circumference point to….
34 parallelogram opposite angles…. Equal
35 Optic illusion…. Mirage…weak eye side…
36 2nd world war…1939-45
37 ECO founder member… Iran, pak,turkey
38 Iran inqilaab… 1979
39 last railway station of KPK….. Landi kotal
40 Allama Iqbal khutba in 1930… Allabad.
41 cube root of 3…..27
42 1=5;2=4;3=6;4=5 then 5=7
43 Geneva Accord…. April 16,1988
44 obtuse angle…. Greater than 90.
45 Two parallel lines…..never meet
46 Empty set is called……Null set
47 Hereditary Traits are something like this…….. DNA
48 Neuron is unit of…. Nervous system
49 Nervous system desease… Epilepsy
50 cardiac diseases relate to ……..Heart
51 skeleton function to…support the body..
52 circuit saver… Fuse
53 Bangladesh… Dec 16,1971
54 speed of car when stops…. Zero
55 mangla dam…. Punjab
56 sound of thunder…. Aftr light
ECO was founded by; Pakistan Iran and Turkey
Revolution in Iran was in 1979
Chronometer is used for Longitude(mine was incorrect)
Lactometer is used for measuring milk
Evaporation causes cooling(mine was incorrect)
Allama Iqbal addressed all india muslim league in 1930 at Allahabad
Medressah in Mashid e Nabwi SAWW is known as ?
Saifullah was the laqb of Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed
Last railway station in KPK is Landi Kotal
Gomall Pass connects pak-afg
Mangla Dam is Located in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
Russia aatcked Agh in 1979
complete the series… 1,3,5,7,9
Fatima Jinnah contested election against Ayub Khan
Muslim League was formed in 1906
Uhud took place in 3 AH
The sum of all angles of a trianle is 180
Opposite sides of parallelogram are equal(mine was incorrect)
hexagon has six sides
circle has 4 right angles
the angle between X and YX is….. I wrote 180. Please correct it.
Obtuse angle is more than 90 degree
Tashkent decalration was signed b/w India And Pakistan
PLO stand for Palestine Liberation Org
Zunorain was the title of Hazrat Usman RA
Hazrat Ayesha was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr RA
0.5 is equal to 1/2
.25 is 25%
.1 is equal to 1/10
Cubic root of 3 is 27
Confide in
exception for/of….. Confused
the ration b/w 100 cm and 1 km is…. I wrote 1:100….. Please rectify
Khanjrab connects pak-china
Khatmandu is the capital of Nepal
Rabbat is the capital of Morroco
Sirimavo Bandaranaike was from srilanka
The capital of USA is Washington DC
KSA king is Shah Salman
Radius is the distance from circumference point to centre.
Last governor general of united India Lord Mount Baton
Optic illusion is called Mirage
Pak-afghan border is called Durand line
Mother of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW was Hazrat Amna RA
2nd world war was fought in 1939-45
Last governor general of Pakistan was Sikandar Mirza
1=5;2=4;3=6;4=5 then 5=7
Zia ul Haq was killed in 17 Aug 1988
obtuse angle is an angle of Greater than 90 degree
Turbat is in Balochistan
1 Bones in human body? 206
2 27 dec 2007 is the assassinated date of ? Banzir bhutto
3 indian PM? Narindar modi
4 morocco capital? Rabat
5 Russia attack in afghanistan? Dec 1979
6 Russia went back from afghanistan, genava ? Feb 1989
7 Charge storage ? Capacitor
8 electron has ? -ve charge
9 water has ratio of hydrogen & oxygen? 2:1
10 Last governor general of pak? Ghulam
11 last viceroy? Lord mountbatten
12 Guardian of Holy Prophet(S.A.W.) ? Hazrat Abdulmutlib
13 Null set ? Empty
14 Linear motion? Straight
15 Suez canal ? Egypt
16 Diamond? Carbon
17 Conductor? Copper
18 in a:b::c:d , b & c are? Mean
19 0.01 is equal to? 1/100
20 if 1=1, 2=3 ,3=5 ,4=7,_______? 5=11 or 5=9
21 study medicine in medical? Pharma
22 plant get food? Photosynthesis
23 animals need to ? Reproduction
24 freezng point of water? 0 degree
25 Gawadr port ? Pak & central asia
26 gomal pass? Pak & Afghanistan
27 ECO countries? Pak Iran turkey
28 2nd islamic cnfrnce? Lahore
29 Babre masjid shaheed? 1992
30 bangladesh came into being? 1970
31 WW II? 1939-1945
32 Zia ul haq death? August 17, 1988
33 who is responsible for oil exploration in Pakistan? OGDCL
34 Now or never? Ch rehmat ali
35 Water agremnt b/w Pak & India? Indus water treaty
36 smallest particle of matter? Atom
37 Quaid 14 points? 1929
38 used in thermometer? Mercury
39 Genes r presnt in? Chromosomes
40 Suffa Madrassa ? In masjid e Nabvi
41 Saifullah was the title of? Hazrat khalid bin waleed R.A.
42 Banu Hashim stayed at which place during social boycott? Shib Abi Talib
43 Number of idols in kaaba? 360
44 first martial law in pakistan?1958
45 most poisonous gas? Co
46 normal body temperature C? 37
47 all india muslim league birth city? Dhakka
48 iran revolution? 1979
British PM? Kamron
49 mangla dam province? Azad khasmir
50 Afghan PM? Ashraf Ghani
51 Pak Afghan border? Durand line
52 first Ameer e Hajj was ? Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A.
53 diameter divids circl in ? 2 parts
54 distance from the center of a circle to any point on the circle? Radius
55 circumference circl ? 360
56 Gowanda port is in which sea?
57 Holy Quraan was firstly translated in persian by?
Wood burning emit carbon mono oxide.
Why rainbow formed after rain.
If heat temperature is increasing than what will be reaction of human body . Respiration increases , decreases.
Formula of water soda.
Why pressure cooker cook in less time .
Unit of current . Ohm watt ampere or none
Albert e=mc2 is scientist of which field physics.
Best source of vitamin a is carrot .
All india muslim league formed in 1906
Present const of pakistan is .
Quaid e azam become governer on 14 aug 1947
First prime minister liaquat ali khan.
Kashmir election by UN in 1948 , 1949 .
Nobel prize abdul salam was awarded in.
State bank of pakistan established 1949 .
UN 24 oct 1945.
Pakistan become member of un in .
Who compiled holy quran .
Nimaz istasqa offered for rain.
Ayat in quran 6666.
Surah in quran 114.
Longest surah al baqra.
Shortest surah al kusar , ikhlas .
Fateh a war of khaibar Hazrat Ali A.S .
Saifullah khalid bin walid
Meaning of tauheed.
Meaning zakkat .
Work of rasool .
Meaning of holy quran.
Nimaz without azan .
Islamic calender introduced by .
Resolution of pakistan 1940 at lahore
Dialysis is related with diseas of kidny.
Vicery at partition of Indian
Tarbela dam on which river?
UN assembly formed on which date?
Why evaporation lowers temperature?
Quaid took oath as governer general on which date?
State bank inaugurated on which date?
1 horse power equal to how many watts?
Literal meaning of islam?
Literal meaning of sunnat?
Nimaz e istisqa for what purpose?
Saifullah title of?
Who conquered last baab of khyber?
Which surat starts without bismillah?
Longest surat?
Shortest surat?
Unit of current?
Why pressure cooker cooks food fast?
Which gas helps in burning?
Which gas is produced when wood burns?
Why rainbow is formed only after rain?
On which date UN ordered plebiscite in kashmir?

FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-4 Mcqs Paper

FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-4 Mcqs Paper


1)First Vice president of USA who visited Pakistan? Lyndon B. Johnson
2)Barack Obama is the president of USA?44th
3)China joined WTO in? Dec 2001
4) Pakistan joins 3G Generation on? 23 April 2014
5) Lahore Islamabad Motorway length? 375 km . confirm it
6 ) In how many years metro bus project was completed? 2 years I think
7) Current Interior Minister of Pakistan? Ch.Nisar Ali Khan
8) A recent conference that took place in Srilanka? Commonwealth Conference 2013
9) Latest union that Pakistan joined? SCO
Options UNO, SAARC, SCO, None of these
10) Who won FIFA cup final in 2014? GERMANY
11) The last series that Pakistan cricket team played with? SRILANKA
12) 2015 ICC cricket world cup was hosted by? Aus & New Zealand
13) When Musharaf imposed Martial Law? 12 October 1999
14) When local government bill was passed? 2002
15) Ijmaa means? Consensus
16) Which kalimah is read after wadhu? Kalimah Shahadath
17 Who is the principle scrip of Quran? Options a) Zaid bin Harris b) Abdullah bin Masood C) Hazrat Omar D) None of these
18) What are the Quran words called that can’t be understood by common men?
19) Ramadan is which month of Islamic Calender? 9th
20) Nemaz e Istasqa is prayed for? Rain
21) Lunar Eclipse is? Earth passes between sun and moon
22) Who invented vaccine?
23) Which metal catches fire when thrown in water? Sodium
24) Why a pen appears bent , dept in water? Due to Refraction
25) Largest Gland? Liver
26) Photosynthesis involves? Cholorophyll
27) Water is universal solvent due to? Chemical characteristics or Physical properties
28) Bone weakening is due to deficiency which vitamin? Vitamin D
29)Dialysis is done due to? Failure of Kidney
30) Blood is produced in?a) Bone Marrow b) Heart c) Liver d)None of these
31) In which form calcium is present in Animals bone? Calcium phosphate
32) Concave lens is used for? Short Sightedness
33) When a moving bus stops. The people standing in bus move forward due to? Inertia
34)Hygrometer used for?Measuremnet of Humidity of air
35) population percentage of Punjab? 55%
36) Land locked country? Mongolia
37) Pass that connects Malakand and Mardan?
38) Viceroy of Subcontinent at time of Simmons Commission 1945?
39) South China Sea dispute between? Options A) China &India B) USA and China C) China & Japan D) Japan& USA
40) Hazrat Younus remained in abdomen of fish? 40 days
41) Total number of Ghazwath? 27
42)Pak Afghan border? Durand Line
43) Largest University of Punjab? Punjab University
44) Largest shipping Corporation? Karachi Shipping Corporation
45) Fire Extinguishing Gas?
46) Surah with two Bismi’Allah?Surah tooba
47) Converting Metal into gold? Alchemy
48) First book of Hadith? Imam Bukhari

1) Ratio of girls to boys is 5:7.If girls are 575. What is the number of Boys?
2) if a pizza is divided in 12 pieces, and 8 pieces are eaten. What is the ratio of remaining ?
3) if A is mother of B & C.And D is husband of B . What is the relation between A & D? Mother in Law.
4) Zain, Hamid and Harris share 2560 Rs.If Hamid’s share is four times of Zain while Harris share is 1/3 of Hamid. What is Zain’s share thn?
5) Ali purchased a house for 4500 Rs.He sold it with 10% profit to Zahid. With 20% loss Zahid sold it to Arif.What is the price of house that Arif bought.
6) 106 X 106+96 X 96 is equal to?
7)Divide 15x^4y^3 by 3x^2y
8) HCF of 92 and 95 is?
9) The sum of three even consecutive number is 222. What are the numbers?
Options A) 73,72,75 B) 71,76,78 C) 73,75,78, D) None
10) Sum of 3x+4x? Options A)-7x B) 7x^2 C) 7x D) None
11)If 4x is subtracted from 7x ?
Options: A)3x B)-3x C) 3x^2 D ) None
12) 64,32,16,8,—? ANS is 4
13) 3,6,12,24,—-
14) Another series question
15) y=2x+5.if y=4 thn what is value of x?
10 Analogies

FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II Mcqs Paper (16-9-15)

FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II Mcqs Paper (16-9-15)

Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II

  1. Feckless (teammate = describes people or behavior with no energy and enthusiasm
  2. Maladroit (juggler== awkward in movement or unskilled in behaviour or action
  3. Bourgeois (family= belonging to or typical of the middle class
  4. Reprobate= a person of bad character and habits
  5. Shrewd means intelligent
  6. Urbane = confident, comfortable and polite in social situations
  7. The noise from the lawn moves becomes /gets louder as the morning progresses.
  8. The woman who confronted the owner of unleashed dog was angry.
  9. He is planning to read this book before summer—ends.
  10. We have been eating more sweets since that wonderful shop opened.
  11. Last week they were offered luncheon in rescuing the boy who had fallen in the canal.
  12. He swung the bat.
  13. Call the Police immediately.
  14. First constitution of Pakistan was forced in 1956
  15. Prime minister addressed assembly on 4 June 13.
  16. Zarbe Azab was initiated on- 15-June-14
  17. Turkish PM arrived in Pakistan on 17 February-15
  18. China President visited 20-April-15
  19. 8 JF-17 plans escorted xi-jinping plan
  20. 21st amendment by NA on 6-Jan-15
  21. Human beings have system… 6
  22. PTI de-seating motion was withdrawn on 6 august 15
  23. Volume of CPEC contract is 46 billion Dollars
  24. MoU signed by china under CPEC… 51
  25. Raheel Sharif belongs to frontier force regiment
  26. Mangla dam is situated in Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir
  27. Largest source of Energy for Pakistan—Hydel, thermal??
  28. Two generals of Pakistan army was punished in which Scam—NLC
  29. Oldest state of Pakistan-Bahawalpur
  30. Current defense minister- Khawaja Asif
  31. Current governor of Balochistan- Muhammad Khan Achakzai
  32. Current governor of Punjab-Rafique Rajwana
  33. Name of Taliban Commander-Mullah Akhtar Mansoor
  34. Ghazwae Badar was fought in -2 Hijri
  35. Fort ‘Qamoos’ conquered by Hazrat Ali (R.A)
  36. Device used to measure Earthquake is — seismograph
  37. National Assembly seats… 342
  38. Tribe exiled from Madina –Banu Nuzair
  39. Short sightedness… Distant objects difficult to see.
  40. First revelation of Wahi at the age of 40
  41. Length of the route of Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service… 22.5 km
  42. Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service was inaugurated by PM… 4 June-15
  43. Work is under construction on western route of CPEC
  44. Largest Planet… Jupiter
  45. Speed to escape earth radius… Escape velocity.
  46. Density of water… 1g/cm^3
  47. Oldest princely state of Pakistan… Bahawalpur
  48. Pakistan Bought Gawader from Oman
  49. The river which do not flow from Jammu and Kashmir.. None of the above
  50. ALLAH sent how may prophets –124,000
  51. There is no place in world where ALLAH did not sent his— apostle
  52. First president of AIML was Sir Agh Khan
  53. 206 bones are in a human body
  54. Botany is study of plants
  55. Skelton which protects brain is Skull
  56. Sui Gas was discovered in 1952
  57. Pakistan is the 6th largest country in terms of population
  58. There are 8 members of SAARC
  59. Unit of charge is coulomb
  60. Which one is greater 2 or 5/3 and by how much. 2 and by .333—1/3–(but this answer was not available in

given option so the right answer was none of the above

  1. ‘A’ weighs 3/5 of his weight plus 16, what is A’s weight
  2. Pillars of islam—5
  3. SIM stands for subscriber identity module
  4. Police stands for Protection Of Life and Investigating Criminals Establishment
  5. 71-2=68,58-4=46, 99-5=85,84-3=? (if the question is right then the answer is 79. The logic behind this

question is

  1. “Every action has a reaction” is newtons third law
  2. Orange contains which vitamins, A,B&C
  3. Wright brothers invented the plan


English portion

Fill in the blank with the correct verb form.



.1 On March 15, 2006, the Maywood Recreation Department requested a grant from the state to rebuild the community

center that _____________ in the recent fire. a. destroys b. will be destroyed c. had been destroyed d. is being



2. We have _____________ more sweets since that wonderful bakery opened down the block. a. ate b. been eating c.

been eat d. eat


3 While attempting to _____________ his broken bicycle, Leo Donner realized that he didn’t have the proper tools. a.

be repairing b. have repaired c. repair d. repaired


4 the police immediately. a. Call b. Called c. Been calling d. To call


5. The biggest problem with Martha’s garden _____________ too many weeds. a. will have been b. were c. will have d.



6 Last week, Tracy and Shane were honored at a luncheon for their part in rescuing a child who _____________ into an

icy pond. a. falls b. would fall c. had fallen d. has fallen



7 The woman who confronted the owner of the unleashed dog _____________ angry. a. were b. was c. are d. have



8 The boy _____________ the bat and ran to f irst base as fast as he could. a. swings b. swinged c. swung d. swing


9 There _____________ four excellent restaurants in the center of town. a. is b. are c. was d. being


10 The noise from the lawn mowers _____________ louder as the morning progresses. a. gets b. get c. have gotten d.

are getting

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