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University of Karachi M.A. Economics (Previous) External Past Paper of Development Economics Annual Examination 1997 to 2001

University of Karachi M.A. Economics (Previous) External Past Paper of Development Economics   Annual Examination 1997 to 2001



Time allowed: 3 Hours                                  Maximum Marks: 100

Instructions: 1) Attempt any four questions.

2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. How do you make a case for development economics as a separate discipline?

2. Discuss briefly classical theory of economic development.

3. Give a brief account of Marxian Theory of Economic Development.

4. Discuss briefly Schumpeterian theory of economics development.

5. Theory of Balance Growth as a strategy of economics development is more suitable for the developing countries than unbalanced strategy. Discuss.

6. Suitable monetary policy is needed to promote economic development in the third world countries.Comment.

7. What kind of Fiscal Policies are needed to support economic development of developing countries.

8. Discuss the importance of Foreign Aid in the economic development of developing countries.

9. Bring out clearly importance of Agriculture in the economic development of third world countries.

10. Write a brief note on the achievements and failure of development among in Pakistan.



1. Discuss the general characteristics of the underdeveloped countries?

2. Discuss the Harrod-Domar model of economic growth.

3. Critically examine the model of surplus labour as advocated by LEWIS.

4. Discuss the benefits and costs of private foreign investment.

5. Explain the Rosensten-Rodan’s approach to the process of growth.

6. Discuss the importance of foreign trade in the economic development of developing countries.

7. What are the major components of monetary and fiscal policy? Why are they generally ineffective in controlling inflation and unemployment in developing countries?

8. Discuss the importance of Foreign Aid in economic development.

9. Write short note on the following.

i) Economic Planning in Pakistan.

ii) Population growth and Economic Development.



1. Distinguish between growth and economic development. Describe the necessary prerequisites of accelerate the process of Economic development in a developing country.

2. Do you consider Karl Marx theory of growth and development is found to, be as Evolutionary or Revolutionary Theory? Explain your point of view with specific examples.

3. Evaluate the Theory of Vicious Circle and relate it with an economy of poor country. What are the factors necessary to break through this circle in a developing country like Pakistan.

4. Describe the modes operand of Fiscal instruments in achieving the objectives of developing planning in the developing countries.

5. Explain the concept of Resources Mobilization. What measures do you suggest to increase the resource mobilization in Pakistan for the economic development?

6. Foreign Aid and assistance is indispensable for a developing country. Critically examine this statement with reference to Pakistan.

7. Explain the role of Agricultural Sector in the economic development of Pakistan. What further improvements can you suggest on that sector? Explain.

8. Nurkse, Ropan and Hirchman each of them have offered their comments in respect of the developing countries. Describe the common features each of the three theories. Identify and explain which one would be relevant with reference to Pakistan?

9. Capital formation is necessary but not a sufficient condition for the economic development. Discuss this statement with reference to Harrod-Domar theory of growth.

10. It is considered more desirable that the doctrine of unbalanced growth is more suitable for the economic development of the developing countries. Discuss.



1. Distinguish between the processes of economic growth and economic development. How does each of them depend on other? Explain.

2. What should be the basic of allocating investable resources in developing countries?

3. Using the Hared-Domar model of economic growth, explain how might population growth and technical regress affect the development prospects of an economy.

4. Discuss some methods of measuring poverty and inequality. How can public policy be used to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality in Pakistan? .

5. Compare the theories of balanced and unbalanced growth, which do you, think better suit a developing country like Pakistan?

6. Explain the Ricardian theory of economic growth and development. How does Marx use this theory to spell the dynamics of revolution?

7. How has Arthur Lewis explained the emergences of industrial society from an agrarian economy? Can this model be used to explain industrial development in Pakistan?

8. Analyze the real and financial aspects of the role of international trade in economic development. How might WTO weaken or strengthen this relationship?

9. Write short notes on any two of the following.

a) Rosensten-Rodan Model

b) 2000-2003 Development Plan

c) Approaches to Development Finance



1. Discuss the general characteristics of the underdevelopment countries.

2. Why international trade has not favored the Economic Development of third world countries?

3. What is the role of corruption in the Economic development of under developed countries?

4. Distinguish between poverty and income inequality? How can public policy be used to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality in Pakistan?

5. Discuss the merits and demerits of balanced growth strategy.

6. Write a short essay on the Harrod-Domar model of economic growth.

7. Population growth is a serious problem in Third World Countries” Discuss.

8. What are the causes of inflation? Discuss various fiscal and monetary measures to control inflation.

9. Examine the role of foreign aid in the economic development of a developing country. Discuss it with reference in Pakistan.

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