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University Of Health Sciences UHS MBBS Biochemistry Mcqs Paper

University Of Health Sciences UHS MBBS Biochemistry Mcqs Paper

University Of Health Sciences UHS MBBS Biochemistry Mcqs Paper

Q1-How Bilirubin is made water soluble in Body ? 1

Ans: How Bilirubin is made water soluble by its conjugation with glucoronic acid.

Q2- What is the color of Bilirubin ? 1

Ans : The color of bilirubin is Yellow .

Q3- What is Calcitriol , Calcitriol synthesis occours in which organ ?

Which enzyme is required for its synthesis ?

Ans : Calcitriol is the active form of Vitamin D ( 1,25 DHCC)

Calcitriol synthesis occours in Kidney from 25-Hydroxycholecactrol

Q4- Give four conditions in which hypocalcemia may develop ? 2

Chronic renal failure
Psedudo Hypoparathyrodism
Vitamin D deficiency
Q5: Which amino acid is mainly is oxidatively deamionated in liver ? 1

ANs : Glutamate is mainly oxidatively deaminated In liver.

Q6: Which enzyme catalyzes this reaction ?1

Ans : Glutamate dehydrogenase catalayzes the oxidative deamination of glutmate.

Q7:Bile salts and bile pigments are seen in excess quantities in urine in which condition ?

ANs : In case of biliary tract obstruction ( Obstructive Jaundice ) 2

Q 8:How many isozymes of LDH are found in body ?

ANs :Five isozymes of LDH are found in body ( LDH1 –LDH5)

Q 9:LDH requires which coenzyme ?

Ans :NAD is required is by LDH

Q 10 : In which four conditions hypercholesterolemia may be commonly seen ?

Diabetes Mellitus
Biliary tract obstruction
Nephrotic syndrome
Q 11: For synthesis of creatine in body which standard amino acids are used ?

Ans : Glycine , Arginine and methionine

Q 12 : Degradation of heme to biliverdin releases which gas ?

Ans : Carbon monoxide (CO) is released .

Q 13 : Which enzyme catalyzed the conversion of biliverdin to bilirubin in body ?

Ans : Biliverdin Reductase

Q 14 : Name any two plasma proteins with antiprotease activity .

Alpha 2 microglobulin
Q 15 : Name the isozymes of creatine kinase .

Ans : Isozymes of CPK are CK-MB , CK-MM and CK-BB

Q 16 : What is the significance of CK-MB ?

Ans : It is raised in the patients of Myocardial Infraction

Q 17 : What are the precautions to take before performing oral glucose tolerance test ?

Ans :

Patients should be an average carbohydrate diet three days prior to test.
Patients should fast overnight (10-12 hrs fast)
Patients should avoid insulin or other drugs which can interfere with carbohydrate metabolism
Patient should not take breakfast on the day of test.
Q 18: What is renal glucosuria and renal threshold ?

Ans: In Renal Glucosuria , glucose is extracted in urine due to lowering of renal threshold . The blood glucose levels are within normal limits.

Renal Threshold is the maximum blood level of any substance after which it starts appearing in the urine. It is 180 mg/dl for glucose .
Q 19 : Which plasma protein binds to extacorpuscular hemoglobin ?

Q 20 : Which plasma protein principally transports iron ?

Q 21 : Which ketoacid is formed by the transamination of aspartate catalyzed by AST ?

Ans : Oxaloacetate is produced .

Q 22 : Name any two conditions in which elevated AST activity may observed in plasma .

Ans : Myocardical Infraction , Alcohloic Hepatits , Dermatomyopathies .

Q 23 : What is the normal range of serum calciu ?

Ans : It ranges from 8.5 -10.5 mg/dl ; some books mention 9-11 mg/dl.

Q 24 : In which form calcium is present in plasma ?

Asns : In plasma it is present in three forms Ionized calcium which is active form , protein bound mainly with albumin , and complexed with citerates , phosphates and bicarbonates .

Q 24 : What are the sources of TWO nitrogen atoms of urea molecule synthesized in liver via urea cycle ?

Q 25 : What is the effect of increased activity of glutathione reductase ?

Ans ; For its activity glutathione reductase requires NADPH from HMP pathway leading to increased production of ribose 5 phosphate which in turns provides more PRPPleading to overproduction of purines causing hyperurecemia .

Q 26 : Name any two sources of ammonia In our body ?

Ans : Sources are : Transamination and Deamination of amino acids form catabolism of nucleic acids , from the urea by the action of bacterial enzymes in GIT etc .

Q 27 ; What is normal urea conc. In plasma ?

Ans : 20 -50 mg/dl

University Of Health Sciences UHS MBBS Biochemistry Mcqs Paper

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