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University Of Gujrat (UOG) M.A English Part 1 Past Paper of Drama year 2010

University Of Gujrat (UOG) M.A English Part 1 Past Paper Of Drama Year 2010

University Of Gujrat (UOG)  M.A English Part 1 Past Paper of Drama  year 2010

TimeAllowed:35Minutes(OBJECTIVE PART) Max.Marks:32

1-a) Encircle the correct answer: 1×4

i) Dr. Faustus was brought up in Wittenberg by: a) His parents b) His kinsmen c) His teachers d) his brother

ii) Algernon says that he hates the people who are not serious about: a) Drinking b) Meals c) Life d) Studies

iii) Polixenes says nine changes have taken place of: a) Watery Star b) Morning Star c) Evening Star d) Drowning Star

iv) The king Laius was killed at a place where: a) Three roads meet b) Four Roads meet c) Two roads meet d) there was only one road

b) Encircle True or False as the case may be. 1×8 i) Creon says that the King Laius went on a hunting trip and did not come back again. TRUE / FALSE

ii) When Dr. Faustus starts writing a deed of gift for Lucifer, his blood congeals. ……TRUE / FALSE

iii) Brabantio appears at a window of his house when Iago ad Raderigo shout. ……….TRUE / FALSE

iv) In the play “The Winter’s Tale” Polixenes, King of Sicilia is on a visit to the

Kingdom of Bohemia. …………………………………………………………TRUE / FALSE

v) Polixenes tells Hermione that he would like to stay as her prisoner. …………TRUE / FALSE

vi) Algernon is talking to Jack when the play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ opens. …TRUE / FALSE

vii) Oedipus was informed by a drunken man in Corinth that Polybus and Merope were

not his real parents. ……………………………………………………………TRUE / FALSE

viii) The Duchess asks Dr. Faustus to produce a dish of ripe apples. ……………TRUE / FALSE

c) Fill in the blanks with exact words1×4

i) Dr. Faustus says, “A sound magician is a mighty ________________________________________.”

ii) Iago says to Othello “O, beware jealousy, it is the green ey’d______________________________.”

iii) O gods, descend! like three _______________________________ leap against the fires of our grief.

iv) Algernon says that girls never marry the men they ___________________________________ with.

(Continued Overleaf)

2-Give short answers to the following questions: 2×8

i) How did Oedipus save the people of Thebes from the monster Sphinx?

ii) How does Jocaste, in ‘Oedipus Rex’ show her disbelief in Oracles?

What does Dr. Faustus want to achieve through necromancy?

iv) How does Dr. Faustus describe the beauty of Helen?

v) How does Brabantio warn Othello against his own daughter, Desdemona?

vi) How does Polixenes express his love for his son?

vii) How does Gwendolen show her liking for the name Earnest?

viii) Why does Lady Bracknell reject Jack as her possible son-in-law?


1 Discuss the Plot-Construction of “Oedipus Rex” in the light of Aristotle’s views on the subject. 17
4 Discuss “Doctor Faustus” as a Morality play. 17
5 Bring out the role of chance and coincidence in “Othello” 17
6 Discuss “The Winter’s Tale” as a play of sin and forgiveness. 17
7 “The importance of Being Earnest” is a play full of witty dialogues’. Discuss 17
8 Discuss the function of the Good Angel and the Bad Angel in “Doctor Faustus”. 17

University Of Gujrat (UOG) M.A English Part 1 Past Paper Of Drama Year 2010

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