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Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Transport Sub inspector Past Paper

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Transport Sub inspector  Past Paper 

1.         Epilepsy is the disease of? nervous system
2.         DNA purpose to? Heretic Charactes
3.         No. of ribs in human body? 24
4.         Food initially digest in? Mouth
5.         Largest part of human brain? Cerebrum
6.         Nasir Kazmi ki Date of Death? 1925-1972
7.         Taraqi Pasand tehreeq kab start hoi? 1938
8.         Deficiency of vitamin E ? Sterility/Beriberi
9.         Dr. Jhon Gilchrest Fort William college me kya thy? Principal
10.       Majid Amjad kidr Daffan hen? Jhang
11.       Ghalib ki sad sala Taqribat kab mania gai? 1969
12.       Imam Bukhari kab paida howy? 194 Hijri
13.       Yaaran-e-Dozakh kis ne likhi? Majid Salik
14.       Zameen Nawal kis ne likha? Khdija Mastoor
15.       Aab-e-Gum kis ne likhi? Mushtaq Yousfi
16.       Origin of species kis ne likhi? Darwin
17.       Asar-un-sanadeed kis ne likhi? S.S Ahmad
18.       Image found in eye’s retina is? Real and Upright
19.       How was the GREAT OLD MAN OF INDIA? Dada Bhai Nooji
20.       Pakistan first cabinet found in? 15 August 1947
21.       Baluchistan became province in? 1st July 1970
22.       Poverty erected day celebrated every year on? 17 Oct
23.       Niagara Fall is situated on borders of ? USE and Canada
24.       Capital of Morocco? Rabbat
25.       Capital of New Zealand? Welington
26.       Currency of Qatar? Riyal
27.       Currency of Egypt? Pond
28.       Currency of Chad?Franc
29.       Currency of Indoneshia? Rupiah
30.       Meanings of Glib? Talktive
31.       Meaning of Ghastly? Terrible
32.       Meaning of Downcast? Depressed
33.       Savoir is what according to grammar? Adjective
34.       7Th Islamic month? Rajab
35.       2nd Qalmain Islam? Shahadat
36.       Saifullah is the title of? Khalid Bin Walid
37.       Bait-ul-Rizwan kis leay le gai? Qisas Usman
38.       Hazor SAW ka akhri gazwa? Tabook
39.       Hazrat Yousaf kin k baity thy? Yaqoob A.S
40.       Redclif award kab announced hwa? 16 Aug 1947
41.       Abu Bakar R.A died in which Hijri? 13 H
42.       IMF stands for? International Monitory Fund
43.       Which country is situated in northeast of Pakistan? China
44.       Largest museum of Pakistan? Karachi
45.       Egypt is situated in which continent? Africa
46.       Normal temperature of human body? 98.6 F
47.       Laughing gas? Nitrous Oxide
48.       Which Lord Shifted capital colcutta to Dehli? Hardinge
49.       Minto morly reforms in? 1909
50.       2nd RTC held in? London
51.       When constitution of 1973 enforced? 14 August 1973
52.       Who was the P.M of U.K at the 2nd RTC? MacDonald
53.       Who was the P.M of U.K at the time of Creation of Pak? Attlee
54.       Cripps report presented in?1942
55.       First finance minister of Pakistan? Liaqat Ali Khan
56.       Who was the chief of army staff in 1967? Ayub Khan
57.       When Governor General changed to president?1956
58.       When Afghanistan became UNO member complete date? 19 Nov 1946
59.       Largest island in Indian Ocean? Medagascor
60.       Shikwa Jawab-e-Shakwa Iqbal ki kis book me hen? Bang-e-Dara
61.       Raja Gidh kis ne likhi? Banu Qudsia
62.       Interior Minister ? Ch.Nisar
63.       C.M of Balochistan? Abdul Malik
64.       Abyssinia is old name of? Ethopia
65.       Dengue effected patient needs most? Fruit’s juice
66.       Pakistan standard time GMT is? +5
67.       Who discover Radio? Marconi
68.       First C.J of Pakistan? Abdul Rasheed?
69.       Who inaugurated SBP? Quad-e-Azam
70.       Largest Civil Award of Pak? Nishan-e-Pakistan
71.       Alferd Nobel worked in which field? Dynamite
72.       In 1967 which nobel award field introduced? Economics
73.       Allama Iqbal died in? 1938
74.       Next Olympics scheduled in? Brazil
75.       Largest tribal area? South Wazirstan
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