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Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Traffic Warden Past Paper

Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Traffic Warden  Past Paper

1. What is Capital of Croatia?
2.What is Currency of Norway?
3.No. of Members countries inNAM?
4. UNO related Organization
which established before worldwar II
5. Where First SAARC Conference was held?
6. Which isthe Old Name of Istanbul?7. Which
UNO Organization deals withChilds?
8. What is the name ofBangladesh Parliament?
9. Rustingof Iron is a what a chemical process
10. What is Colour of skyif there was no sun?
11. KarachiStock Exchange established on?
12. Choronometer is used for?
13.Decibel Unit Measures what?
14.What material is used to convert solar energy?15. Cyclone
renamed to Srilanka on whichdate?
16. What is second pillar ofIslam?
17. Who was first Hafiz OfQuran?
18. Which is first revealedBook?
19. Most important Miracle of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?20.
Which Is the Madni Surah fromthe given?
21. Sura Momin inwhich Para?
22. Which is 3rdsource of Islamic Jurisprudence?
23. What is Literal Meaning of Ijtihad?
24. Khilafat of Hazrat AbuBakar consisting of how many years?
25. What was Title of Hazrat Ibrahim?
26. Age of Hazrat Ali at time of Death?
27. Karbala Event in which Hijra?
28. Name of Hazrat Umar’s Qabeela?
29. Ageof Hazrat Usman at time of Death?
30. Name of Mother of Hazrat Usman?
1. Ch. Rehmat Ali is Burried in ?
32. Earth Quack in Pakistan on which date?
33. What percent of Pak Population speak Baluchi?
34. Islamabad became Capital on which date?
35. Gilgit Abotabad Pass name?
36. Saif Ul Malook is written by?
37.Committee on National Anthem on which date?
38. Viceroy ofHindustan having shortest tenure?
39. Hana Lake Near which City?
40. National Anthem Composition ready for approval
on which date?
41. No. Highest peaks in Pakistan out of 14 in Asia?
42. Which Sector is the largest Consumer of Gas?
43.Muqadama By which Writer?
44.Which person from given represented Pakistan in United Nations?
45. What does Angstrom measure?
46. Light year is related to c. Distance
47- old name of iraq?
48-blood is red due to ?
49-marian trence situated near? philpines
31- headquarter of ghandhara civilization is?
50- head quarter of saarc is situated at?
51- maximum wool produceing country is?
52- official religion of japan is ?
53- which element use for producing nuclear fuel?
54- who many rakkhu in 30 paraa of quran
55-which is less conducter
56-nigara fall lies b/w
57- which is smallest country of world among area
58-holy prophet pbuh appoited
governer of yeman for collection
59. Which international environmental pressure group
was founded in 1971?
60. What is the capital of
61. How many balls are on the
table at the start of a game of
62. In which country is the volcano Mount Aso?
63. What name is given to
inflammation of one or more
joints, causing pain, swelling and
restriction of movement?
64. Which mineral is the main
source of mercury?
65- Diamond is an allotropic form of…….?
66. The element common to all
acids is…………?
67. Gobar gas contains mainly ………….?
68 The most malleable metal
69 Which element is used in Beauty Parlors for hair setting?
70. From which mineral is radium
71 What is laughing gas ? Ans. Nitrous Oxide
72) Which is the longest river of
73) Don is river of ?
4) What is the length of khyber
75) Longest glacier of the world
what is it’s length?
76) Which of the following lake is
most polluted lake in the world?
77) Tugela water fall is present
78) Gota canal is the ship canal
situated in ?
Give synonyms of the following
79. Assiduous (a) Idle (b) Diligent (c) Defective
(d) Deficient
80. Fuss
(a) Effort (b) Unnecessary
Excitement (c) Grief (d) Joy
81. Placid (a) Repulsive (b) Horrid(c)
Obnoxious (d) Calm
82. Naïve
(a) Simple (b) Artful (c) Adroit (d)
83. Immaculate (a) Juvenile (b) Infinite (c)
Flawless (d) Contaminated
84. Collusion
(a) Consistent (b) Conflict (c)
Confrontation (d) Connivance
Give antonyms of the following: 85. Prosperity
(a) Rich (b) ……. (c) …….. (d)
86. Conscientious
(a) ……. (b) Care free (c) …….. (d)
Careful 87. Scant
(a) ……. (b) Slender (c) …….. (d)
88. Tender
(a) ……. (b) Kind (c) …….. (d) ………
89. Author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained” was:
(a) Maxim Gorki (b) William
Wordsworth (c) John Milton (d)
90. Asgheri aur Akbari kis novel k
do mash’hoor kirdar hain? (a) Tota Kahani (b) Aag ka dirya
(c) Mira-Tul-Aroos (d) Raja Gidh
91. “Shikwa aur Jawab-e-
Shikwa” Iqbal k konsay kalam
main hain?
(a) Bal-e-Jibreel (b) Armaghan-e- Hijaz (c) Zarb-e-Kaleem (d) Bang-
92. Altaf Hussain Hali kis k
sha’agird thay?
(a) Iqbal (b) Sir Sayyed (c) Zouq
(d) Ghalib
93. Waqa-e-Karbala kis hijri main
(a) 58 hijri (b) 54 hijri (c) 61 hijri
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