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PUNJAB PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PPSC PAST PAPER ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17), unit of electricity = 1000 watts usage per hour

2. filth = dirt
3. podium = An elevated platform
4. lavish = generous
5. horse = mane or moan
6. a a a a (a) power 3 = 4a power 3 or a power 7
7. capital of Saudi Arab is = Riyadh
8. shape of heart is = conical
9. Umpire Aleem Dar of Pakistan awarded how many times = 3 times
10. Governor, State Bank of Pakistan = Mr. Shahid H. Kardar
11. Pakistan’s Naseem becomes athlete fastest woman in = South Asia
12. Who holds power of selecting cricket player = chairman of board, prime minister etc?
13. which is not the member of saarc = Maldives, china , Bhutan , Sri Lanka
14. name of imam bukhari = Muhammad ibn Ismail
15. total number of surah in Quran pak = 114
16. The News of the World is stopped after 169 years = USA , Canada
17. In surah Bismillah is mentioned twice = Al Namal
18. Sural al-Tauba is the only surah in Holy Quran which does not start with Bismillah.
19. Longest surah is Al-Baqara
20. hajji gather at waquf e arfat on = 9 zulhaj
21. who accompanied holy prophet during hijrat = hazrat Abu Bakar
22. first mosque built by Holy Prophet SAWW = Masjid quba
23. Pakistan Ambassador to the United States = Husain Haqqani
24. first female Foreign Minister of Pakistan = Hina Rabbani Khar
25. the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom = David William Donald Cameron
26. The Olympic games will be held in = 2012 London
27. peace noble prize winner 2011 = 3 males
28. Diamer-Bhasha Dam is in = River Indus in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
29. Diamer-Bhasha Dam electricity will produce = 4,500 megawatts of electricity
30. which is more elastic = plastic , paper , iron , rubber
31. protein absorbed by = stomach
32. air blows due to = atmospheric pressure , temp , speed of air , direction of air
33. famous ghazal singer died recently = Jagjit Singh
34. Autobiography Book CONTROVERSIAL YOURS = Shoaib Akhtar
35. Bill Gates belongs to = Microsoft
36. Saifullah sword of God was the title of = Khalid ibn al-Walid
37. Nisab of zakkat on gold is = 7 1/2
38. Steve jobs is dead , was a founder of = apple
39. Afghan president recently killed = Burhanuddin Rabbani
40. Meaning of labial
41. Mr. x is 62 years old and after 3 years he will be 5 times of his son’s age. What is his son’s age at present?
42. 6 numbers have average 9, if the 6th number is deducted the resulting average is 10. What is the 6th number?
43 A table has length twice the length of its width. If the width is 100cm, what will be the area of the face of the table?
44.     50 x 10^0 =
45. Who is patron in chief of Pakistan cricket team?
46. Where is india building kishan ganga dam?
47. 5 x 10^-5 =
48. Which number is greater? 0 -1 -25 -50
49. In a class 0f 25, 10boys play cricket, 5 boys play football, 4boys play hockey. 3boys play both football and cricket and 2 boys play both football and hockey. How many boys are there in class who play any game?
50. (.003)(.02) =
51. Dengue fever is caused due to?
52. Which disease will result from drinking contaminated water? Tb typhoid dengue
53. Rabies effect which system?? Nervous system
54. Pneumonia effects which system?
55. Disease spread by bitting of mad dog?
56. After 2nd may operatin, when all parties conference was held in Pakistan?
57. If length and width of a body is multiplied by its height, the result will be its??
58. Pakistani to get noble prize?
59. The water of flood __________ the area?? Inundated invaded besieged
60. Joule is unit of?
Ans::Energy, work, quantity of heat joule: J = N m = m2 kg/s2

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