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1.national education policy 1979 put emphasis on (a)special edu b)elementry edu c)secondary edu d)higher edu. cognitive domain highest level of learning iz
a)knowledge (b)evaluation c)comprehension d)syllabus
3.source of achievng edu objctvz iz mainly based on
a)curriculum evaluation (b)devlpng objctvz of curriculum c)framng studnts activities
4)implementataion of curriculum
4.expenditure on edu iz regarded az a)profit (b)investmnt c)advancemnt d)progress
5teachr efficiency wl increase more if he iz a)provided plenty of books n jrnlz of readng
b)gvn oprtunity 2 prctce wt he learns (c)able 2 use modrn technology d)placed undr strct manjmnt n discipline
6. great method of teachng by nturalists is a)discussion.b)study tours c)role playing (d)play.way
7.who iz not curriculum expert
a)Hilda Taba b)S.S Shore c)L.R.Gay (d)Murray Print extra nd specifc information iz provided 2 students through a)activity curriculum (b)core curriculum c)sbjct surriculum d)hidden curriculum
9.integrated curriculum has been mainly dvlpd 4 classes a)1-5 (b)1-3 c)1-7 d)6-8
10.profession in field of education iz servng purpose of
a)training teachrz
b)remain in field 4evr
(c)provide service 2 humanity
d)upgrade textual material
11.heuristc method means
(a)2investigate b)2show c)2do d)2act
12.who inventd deductive or inductive method
(a)socrated b)john lock c)plato d)aristotle
13).dividing work into different tasks and organizing called a)job title b)job specification c)job evaluation (d)job dscription
14)idealism changes occure
a)fast (b)slowly c)do not occur d)averagly
15)span of years during which move from childhood 2 adulthood mntally emotionally socially and physically a)late childhood b)infancy (c)adolesence d)adult years iz not pre planned in a)formal (b)informal c) non.formal d) adult
17evaluation relatd 2 a) numerical value (b)value judgement c)qualitatve value d)learning speed
18.headmaster’z role of academic guidance and assistence 2 teachrz a)adminstrtr role (b)supervizry role c)manager role d)executive role culture can b seen in a)home b)scl c) functions (d)classroom
20.outline of topics of sbjct 2 b covered in specific time called
a)curriculum b)text.bk (c)syllabus d)
21.committee rsponcibl 2 finalise curriculum upto secondary levl in pakistan (a)national curriculum comty b)teachr curriculum comty
c) comty
d)curriculum bureau
22.acordng 2 bloom taxonomy of educational objectvz psychomotor domain deals wd a)intelctual abilities b)feelngz/emotionz (c)manipulatv & psychomotr skilz d)aesthetics abilities
23.major impact of ali.grh movemnt waz (a)politicl training b)teachng of eng c)social activities d)religious activities motivation process apriciation by higher manjmnt DEO is consdrd (a)extrnsc reward b)intrnsic reward c)institutional reward d)students inspirations
25.minor penality under E&D rules impozd on indisciplined employee iz a)termination b)dismissal (c)censure d)lowering scale
26.curriculum presents instrctional material” is stated by a)wheller (b)jack kerv c)smith d)elizbth maccis
27.teachng would fall in wch of following classification work a)mangerial b)supervision (c)profession d)skilled
28.main aim of edu in pak at primry and scndry levl iz attainmnt of studnts is a)abilities b)capacities (c)potentialities d)capabilities
29)mosques were declared as education centr 4 1st tim in policy of a)1969 b)1972 (c)1979 d)1998
30.research wch deals wd classroom problms called a) experimental (b) applied c) action d)description presentd theory a) cognitv devlpmnt b)osychomotr devlpmnt c)moral devlpmnt d)educational devlpmnt
32.EDO stands for a)Executv dstrct oficer b)education dstrct oficer c)educational dvlpmnt of curriculum d)education of devlpmnt of curriculum
33.budgeting is an estimation of
a)incm&invstmnt b)invstmnt c)incm &expenditure d)executv only
34.MIS stands 4 a)measurement information systm b)manjmnt infor systm c)modulke information systm d)manjmnt into strategy
35.montessori introduced by a)john dewey b)dr.maria c)frobel d)horace mann
36.provision of facilities of advance study research& teachr training is available in a)DSD b)institution of edu &research c)curriculum bureau d)primry & scndry edu
37.foundr of dscory learning
a)dewey b)pieget c)smith d)bruner
38.froeble established 1st kindergartn scl in a)1657,b)1857 c)1837d)1863
39.trait not concernd wd measurement
a)comparison b)quantity c)virtue d)number measurement deals with a)quantitatv aspect of evaluation b)standrdizd aspct of evaluation c)qualitatv aspct of evaluation process of formation of highest morl chrctr of individual through many sided intrests” sd by a)fredrick herbert b)plato c)aristotle d)alama.iqbal
42.true aim of education wz attainmnt of hapins wch wz posibl only through prfct virtue wz statemnt of a)socrates b)aristotle c)plato d)Ghazali
43.nost importnt elemnt of education systm iz a)examination b)aims of edu c)syllabus d)teachng strategy
44.purpose of basic education scheme iz a)2 deal primry edu students b)2 vocationaliz edu c)2 gv awarenes of basic needz d)2 make edu compulsory 4 all
45.2raise standrd of edu it iz necessary a)2evaluate students continuously b)2gv high salary 2 teachrz c)2revise curriculum d)2make gd scl buildingz
46.chartr act favourd eng language az supreme 2 teavh westrn knwlj &science sbjcts a)1892 b)1782 c)1800 d)1813
47.provincial ofcz of pakistan txt bk boardz wr established in a)1960 b)1961 c)1962 d)1963
48.frieud wz a)behaviorist b)educationst c)psychologst d)physician
49.educational psychology describz&explain learning experiencx of an individual 4m birth through a)teenage b)old.age c)young age d)maturity
50.1st intelignce test developd by a)freud b)thorndike c)binet d)skinner
51.a hierarchy of motivz meetng needz of self actualization wz concieved by a)skinr b)maslow c)spencer d)none
52.literacy rate in pakistan is a)54 75 58 65
53.2c people doing&try2do same iz learning by a)insight learning b)trial&error c)imitation d)by doing mainly dpndz on ideology of a)society b)comunity c)groups d)family
55.propsed in light of Lord Macculay’s recomndation
a)bentic resolution b)chartr act 1813 c)wood’s dispatch policy d)huntr commission
56.national planning board wx set up 4 dvlpmnt of frst 5year plan a)1954 b)1952 c)1953 d)1951
57.studnts needz&intrsts r studied in a)ideas b)psychologicl foundationz c)society d)contnts
58).term I.q devised by a)wiliam james b)wiliam westrn c)john lock d)john dewey organization of activitiesin scl basic detrmining factr iz a) curriculum b)manjmnt c)social life d)trainrz
60.v move 4m specifc 2genrl in a)indctv b)deductv c)drill d)dscussion
61.educational objctvz hv been divided into domains
a)2 b)3 c)4 d)5
62.time of przntation in micro teaching iz mnts a)1_5 b)5_10 c)10_15 d)15_30
63.wch wz nt da chrcterstc of Lord maccaulay’s reporr
a)revival of eastrn knwlj
b)proliferation of westrn knwlj c)eng az instrction d)all above
64efctv teachbg demandz a)planning b)motivation c)evaluation d)analysis
65.elemntry scl containz no of clasz a)1_5 b)1_8 c)6_8 d)8_10
66.I.q of avrj child iz a) below 90 b)90_110 c)110_120 d)120_140
67.belongng affection&status r best classified as a)drives b)primry needz c) wants d)motivz
68.roles of training & experiencz4 shapng & modelng of behavior iz emphasizd in cognitv aproach
behaviorst humanstc social leaeng
69.test designed 2 predict future prformnce is a)aptitude tst b)intelignc tst c)achvmnt tst d)diagnostc test
70.ibn.e.khaldoon nevr favourd
a)discussion b)q.ansr c)lecture d)observation
71.if criterion refrenced test iz reliable dn scores 4m test r a)useful b)standrdizd c)consistnt d)valid
72.boss iz right feature of a)authoritatv admnstration b)democratc c)laissez fair d)instructional
73.casual leavez pr annum 4 scl teachrz r dayz
a)20 b)15 c)24 d)25
74.most frequent used technique 4 elemntry guidenc servc iz a)socio.matrc b)q&ans c)intrvw d)rating
75.nadva movmnt established 2 develop&promote a)religious b)modern edu c)both d)2nation theory
76.wch iz not a typ of lesson plan on basis of objctvz a)micro b)cognitv c)efectv d)psychology
77.micro.teachng iz teachng methodlogy b) technique c)motivational technology d)contnt presentation
78.1st component of lesson planning iz a)objctvZ b)prezentationz c)h.w d)summary
79.a repeatd prformnc of learning act until atainmnt desired levl of skill a)demonstratv b)problm solvng c)projct d)drill
80.wt iz teachng a)change of behavior b)proces of chanjng viewz c) chnge of behavior in desired directions d)transmission of knwlj
81.assesmnt iz gnrl term dat includes ful range of procedures used 2 gain information about students learning a)airsian b)gay c)gay d)lin&gronlud

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