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Punjab University PU Lahore B.COM Part 1 Past Paper of Money Banking and Finance year 2014

Punjab University PU Lahore B.COM Part 1 Past Paper of Money Banking and Finance year 2014

Money Banking and Finance Past Papers 2014 B.Com 1
Money Banking and Finance 2014

Time Allowed: 3 Hours New Course Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question # 1

Define money and discuss the qualities of good money.


Question # 2

Explain the different forms or types of money.


Question # 3

Differentiate inflation and deflation after defining them.


Question # 4

Discuss in detail the functions of S.B.P.
Question # 5

How does central bank of a country control the credit or money supply? Discuss.


Question # 6

Discuss the merits and demerits of privatization of banks in Pakistan.

Question # 7

Define debt finance. Also explain its merits and demerits.
Question # 8

Write short notes on:

Types of bank accounts
Sources of business finance

PPSC Assistant in S&GAD Past Paper 2015

PPSC Assistant in S&GAD Past Paper 2015

ppsc assistant paper

NTS Jr Engineer SDO Past Paper 2015

NTS  Jr Engineer SDO Past Paper 2015

1.When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to be
a.Linearly polarized
b.circularly polarized
c. Elliptically polarized
d. Hyperbolically polarized
2. Due to velocity saturation, MOSFET reaches saturation
a.Before Pinch off
b. After pinch off
c. At Q point
d. Before Q point
e. After Q point
3. Which system use dc to dc high voltage gain

A. Solar system

B. Battery backup
4. Natural frequency in the control system represents nature of
a. Transient response
b. Oscillations
c. Overshoot
d. Speed of responce
5.Which thing is maximum in RLC circuit at resonance
a)power consumption
b)inductive current

c)capacitive voltage

6.which theorem is used to analyse fault
7. For high frequency application we use which transformer?
8. For overhead protection we use which transformer?
9. Which fault is caused by lightening and thuderstorm
a. Line to line fault
b. Single line to ground fault
c. Double line to ground fault
10.Which modulation has higher data rates

11.An active element is one which
a. Supplies energy
b. Absorbs energy
c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another
12. The ripple frequency in output of fullwave bridge rectifier is
a. Half the input
b. Twice the input
c. Same as input
13. Less cost of delta connection over star connection
a. No fourth neautral wire
14.Transmission lines usually use
a.3 phase
b.2 phase
c. Single phase
15. In aerodynamic turbines which element is NOT there
c. Fuel intake system
16. Batteries used for electrical energy storage are
a. Laclanche cells
b. Edison cells
c. Lead acid cells
d.any of the above
17.A circuit breaker on detecting fault will
a. Open
b. Close
c. Open and trigger the alarm
18.If we have two nodes A and B and Vab is the potential difference between these nodes then which node is called reference node
a.node A
b.node B
c. Ground node
19. To have variable speeds we use
a. Induction motor
b. Traction motor
c. Shunt motor
20. ROC converges if poles and zeros lie inside
a. Origion
b. Z=1
21. Period of infinite continuous fourier series
a. N
b. N+M
22. Which protection detects both AC and DC?
23. In 3-phase 4-wire system, how many voltages are available


Capital of turkey : ANKARA
2. When man 1st landed on moon : 1969, Apollo 11
3. Largest airport of Pakistan : Jinnah khi
4: literal meaning of Roza: abstinence
5. Ctrl F for finding any word in Ms Doc
6. Ideology of freedom movement was Islamic
7. BCC is a space for writing mail address


PPSC Lecturer Pakistan Studies Mcqs Paper 2015

PPSC Lecturer Pakistan Studies Mcqs Paper 2015

1. Glaciers in Karakorum Range? Siachen 76 Km, Biafo 63 Km and one other.
2.Which ancient city was discovered by archaeologists in 1955. Kot Diji
3. Babusar Pass connects? Abbotabad & Gilgit
4. Who led Cabinet Mission Plan? Pathek Lawrance
5. The length of Makran Coastal Highway? 653 KM
6. Copper is found in which city of Pakistan? Rekodic, Daht -e- Kuhn & Nokundi
7. Non-Party Basis Elections were held in? 1985
8. Chandka Medical College is in which city? Larkana
9. Pakistan joined OIC in which year? 1969 founding member
10. 1st head of Wafaqi Mohtasib? Chief Justice (Retd) Sardar Muhammad Iqbal
11. Pakistan joined ILO in which year?
12. Mast Tawakal belongs to which province? Baluchistan
13. Dam at highest altitude? Tarbela 143 meter hieght
14. Bahaudin Zikrya belongs to which Silsila? Suhrawardiyya
15. Bhambhore is in ? (forget this question) Thatha District. An ancient city.
16. Durand Line was drawn in which year? 1893
17. Who seconded Pakistan Resolution in Sindh? Sir Abdullah Haroon
18. Fatima Jinnah joined Muslim League in which year? 1939
19. How much area of Pakistan is covered by forest? 4.8 %
20. Artificially maintained forests of Pakistan? Changa Manga and all others
21. Pakistan joined WTO in which year? 1st Jan 1955.
22. Quaid-e-Azam remained the precident of Pakistan for how many years? 15 years
23. Karachi Nulcear Power Plant was made with the help of which country? Canada
24. How many times NFC Award is given? Seven
25. Karakuram Highway starts in Pakistan from which place? Taxila
26. Gawadar Port was purchased by which country? Oman
27. In 1977 Pakistan opened its 1st SOS in. Lahore.
28. First Radio Station in which city? Peshawar
29. Muhammad Jinnah- The Story of Nation is written by? Gulam Allana
30. 1st Chairman Senate of Pakistan? Justice Habibullah Khan Marwat
31. Deoband Movement was started by? According to question the answer was Mehmood ul Hassan
32. Who struggled for education (1883-1937) for Baluchistan? Sahibzada Abdul Qyum
33. Pathway to Pakistan is written by? Khaliq uz Zaman
34. Comrade started from which city? Calcutta
35. Who helped Quaid for his Fourteen Points? Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
36. Pir Pur Report was made by? Mehndi
37. In 1935 Act how many provinces were made in Sub Continent? 11
38. Muslim League won maximum seats in 1937 elections in which province? Sindh
39. Jinnah first met Gandhi in 1916 in which city? Lacknow
40. August Offer was made by which viceroy? Lord Linlithgow
41. National Anthem was approved by Govt. in which year? 1954
42. Gandhi-Irvin Pact (forget this question) (Quit Non Co-operation Movement)
43. Who took oath from Quad e Azam? Justice Mian Abdur Rasheed
44. Who took oath from Liaqat Ali Khan?
45. Who was Health Minister in 1946 Interim Govt? Ghazanfar Ali Khan
46. Who president of Muslim League after Sir Agha Khan? Raja Sahib of Mehmood Abad
47. Who translated Lahore Resolution in Urdu in 1940? Zafar Ali Khan
48. Satpara dam is built in which city or province? Sakrdu (Gilgit Baltistan)
49. Which is National Animal of Pakistan? Markhur
50. Scientific Society was established in which year? 1864
51. Pakistan won Hockey Championship for how many times? 4
52. Largest Desert of Pakistan? Thar
53. In 1948 Pakistan issued ? Postal Stamp, Coin, ……. all of these.
54. First Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan? Imroz
55. Largest princely state at the time of Independence was? Kashmir
56. The State to be acceded first in Pakistan? I think Swat
57. In July 1950 Pakistan joined which International Organization?
58. Indian Independence Act was passed by British Parliament on which date? According to options 3 June 1947 and it was plan. Act passed on July 14 1947
59. When Quaid declared it was patung of ways. (the question like that). Nehru Report
60. Decimal System was introduced in Pakistan in which year? 1961 under Ayub’s reign
61. Water Accord in Provinces in which year? 1991
62. 1st Punjabi Sofi Poet was? Baba Farid ud Din Ganj Shakar
63. Malkhar is famous game of which province? Sindh
64. Sachal Sarmast was famous name of which province? Sindh
65. Who coined the name of Pakistan? Ch. Rehmat Ali
66. Which fort was built by Zaheer ud Din Babar? Bala Hisar
67. Oldest Barrage of Pakistan is? Sukhur Barrage
68. Total seats of Women in National Assembly? 60
69. Day of Deliverance was celebrated in? 22 December 19
70. What was the main purpose of Objective Resolution? Fundamental rights
71. According to Lacknow Pact to reject resolution how much votes were required from that community? 3/4 votes
72. C.R Formula was prepared by? Raj Gopal Acharia
73. Sawadeshi Movement was started against? Partition of Bengal
74. Pothohar Range contains? Oil, Gas, Salt, all of these.
75. Which Institution was formed under 1973 consititution? All in options forget the options
76. Pakistan in Twentieth Century is written by? Lawrence Ziring
77. Which mountain peak is situated in Hindukush Range? Forget the options.
78. Central Mohammedan Association was setup in or by? April 1877 Syed Amir Ali

NTS FESCO Past Mcqs Paper 2015

NTS FESCO Past Mcqs Paper 2015

1- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) date of birth?
2- Desert in Bahawalpur punjab?
3-First man on moon in which year?
4- Capital of Turkey?
5-Literal meaning of word “saum”?
6-Ghar e Hira is situated near to which city?
7- Search command in computer?
8-One byte is equal to how many bits?
9- in 1922 which title is given to Allama Iqbal by british king?
10-Freedom movement of 1857 against the British Raj was based on?
11-Team work within the department to improve its performance is called?
12-Which number comes next in the series..15,45,?,405
Ghar e Hira is near which city………Makkah
The Birth of Holy Prophet Mohammad S.A.W.W………..571AD

which number comes next in the series…….15,45,x,405
Literal meaning of Saum?
Freedom movement of 1857 against the British Raj was?

Political Ideology
Religious Ideology
Cultural Ideology
Political Ideology
1)………. mesurment with out error

a) accuracy b) precision

2)In RLC circuit ………………..

a)power consumption is maximum
b)inductive current
c)capacitive voltage

3)which theorem is used to analyse fault……….
a)thevinin b)Norton c)Superposition d)jordan

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