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PPSC Lecturer Sociology Paper 2015

PPSC  Lecturer Sociology Paper 2015

collective responsibility parlimani govt
popular sovereignty rossue
total dafhat 1962 cons…. 250
lengthy cons…… india
the politics arsitotle
plato died 347 ad
saarc 1st meeting at dhaka
pak joined nam 1979?
the spirit of laws montastigo
pol sci begin and end with stat prof garner
law is the command of soverign john astan
us new thinker david aston
megna carta 1215
amendments in us cons 27
persion letters montaistigo
treaty basin 1960
treaty tasqant 1965
princely states 635
france unitary
quorum of house of lords 3
president elect role college 538
is not language of un,,,, german
have no veto power Germany
when blochistan as province 1970
one unit 1955
objective resolution 12 1949
group mind ibne khaldoon
madina fazla alfharabi
Quaid Joined ML in 1913
Second Prime minister Khawaja Nazim Ud Din
MAO college was 1877
Urdu Hindi Controversy 1867

PPSC Lecturer Political Science Paper 2015

PPSC  Lecturer Political Science Paper 2015

1. Divine Right Theory of State Origin
was given in which Century?
2. Who wrote Myth of Independence?
3. The term Polity is derived from?
4. SAARC members are?
5. First summit of SAARC?
6. Tashkant Declaration year?
7. Ordinance of President of Pakistan
8. Allama Iqbal did MA from GC
Lahore in which Year?
9. Who wrote the book Social
10. Objective Resolution passed on?
12 March, 1949
11. Pakistan Joined NAM in?
12. Author of American Declaration
of independence?
13. Indian Independence act?
14. Plato died in?
15. Collective responsibility is a
feature of?
16. A voluntary union of sovereign
states is called?
17. Who was 2nd Prime Minister of
18. Urdu Hindi Conflict?
19. Grammar on Politics is written
20. Who is Iron Lady?
21. Articles in 1962 Constitution?
22. who are called Right Honourable?
23. Kamya’e Saadat is work of ?
24. Treaty of Westphalia?
25. Greatest Happiness for greatest
numbers is?
26. Which American State is Mother
of Presidents?
27. Lengthiest Constitution is of?
28. Persian Letters is work of?
29. Levithan is written by?
30. Which US amendment of 1990,
imposed sanctions on Pak?

PPSC Lecturer Pakistan Studies Paper 2015

PPSC  Lecturer Pakistan Studies Paper 2015

1.National animal of Pakistan. won how many time hocky champion trophy.
3.satrpara dam has been built on.
4.1st radio station.
5.scietific society establish in .
6.artificial maintain forest.
7.forest area of pk.
8.Malkhar is famous game of.
9.mast Tawakal belong to.
10.firs punjab sufi poet.
11.path way to pakistan written by.
12.quaide azam the story of nation written by.
13.length of makran highway .
14.who coined the name of pakistan.
15.which fort built by zaheerudin baber.
16.which ancient city discovered by archeologist in 1955.
17.chandka medical college located in.
18.which dam built on highest altitude.
19.oldest barrage of pakistan .
20.august offer was made by.
21.cabinet mission headed by .
22.seats of woman in NA. of deliverance celebrate on.
24.main purpose of objective resolution.
25.quaid met first time in 1916 to whom.
26.condition of Ghandi in irwin pact.
27 commrade published from which city.
28. after agha khan who become president of AIML.
29.Fatima jinnah joined AILM in which year.
30.Pirpur report prepared by. many provinces established in 1937 election.
32.who was health ministr in intirm gov in 1946.
33.muslim league got majority in whch province in election of 1946.
34.who helped jinnah in 14 points




Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.

1. You must stick _________ your views.

A. for
B. to
C. in
D. from

2. The first engine ______ heat to drive a machine was the steam engine.

A. made use of
B. to make use of
C. of using
D. of making use

Five lettered pairs (A to E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair in capitals.


A. sailors: crew
B. petal: flower
C. leaf: stalk
D. singers: chorus

Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.


A. civic
B. private
C. republic
D. long


Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.


A. bonus
B. commission
C. gift
D. salary

Questions 6-7 are based on the following passage.

Machines deprive us of two things which are certainly important ingredients of human happiness, namely, spontaneity and variety. Machines have their own pace and their demands, a man who has a costly plant must keep it working. The great trouble with machines, from the point of view of emotions, is its automation.

6. In the above passage “deprive” means

A. distract
B. take away from
C. deride
D. vest with

7. The trouble with machines is

A. their spontaneity
B. their emotions
C. their automation
D. all of the above

Questions 8-10

In Bahria Town, six houses R, S, W, X, Y and Z, are to be colored with different colors. Adjacent houses cannot be colored with the same color. The only houses adjacent to each other are as follows:

R, S, X and Y are each adjacent to W.
X is adjacent to Y.
R and S are each adjacent to Z.

8. Which of the following is a pair of houses that must be colored in different color from each other?

A. Y and Z
B. R and X
C. S and X
D. S and Z

9. If X is colored in the same color as Z, then it must be true that

A. W is colored in a different color from any other house
B. R is colored in the same color as Y
C. S is colored in the same color as X
D. X is colored in the same color as Y

10. Which of the following houses can be colored in the same color as W?

A. S
B. X
C. Y
D. Z

Amir said, “All lemons I have tasted are sour; therefore, all lemons are sour.”

11. Which one of the following most closely parallels the logic of the above statement?

A. My income has increased each year for the past four years; therefore, it will increase again next year.
B. I sped to work every day last week and I did not get a ticket; therefore, they do not give tickets for speeding around here anymore.
C. All rubies are red. This gem is green; therefore, it is not a ruby.
D. Every student I had in school was selfish; therefore, all students are selfish.
12. Find out the odd one out

A. Doctor
B. Pharmacist
C. Hospital
D. Nurse

13. Complete the series: D, F, H, J, ______.

A. K
B. L
C. M
D. N
E. I



14. Everest is the world’s highest mountain, what is the name of the second highest?

A. K2
B. Annapuma
C. Nanga Purbat
D. Tirch Mir

15. The capital of China is:

A. Shangai
B. Beijing
C. Xian
D. Tokyo

16. The brightest star in the sky is:

A. Alfa Centauri
B. Proxima Centauri
C. Sirius
D. Sun

17. Kohat Tunnel is in which province?

A. Punjab
B. Sindh
C. Baluchistan
D. Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw

18. Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shakar is buried in:

A. Multan
B. Lahore
C. Pakpattan
D. Okara

19. Suppose you are working as telephone operator and your duty is to receive emergency calls from residents of city. If you receive an emergency call, what you should ask from a person who needs help?

A. What has happened?
B. What is your name?
C. What is address of emergency site?
D. All of the above

20. If the person in emergency dialed help line and operator received call about fire but call dropped quickly, how telephone operator will detect location of fire house?

A. Get address of telephone number
B. Use GPS data
C. Dispatch Fire Brigade vehicle
D. Wait for 2nd call from same person

21. Suppose a person is in emergency, he dialed help line and operator received call about fire in Arabic language, but telephone operator cannot understand Arabic then what operator should do?

A. Take no action
B. Ignore this call
C. Find a telephone operator who can understand Arabic language
D. Forward fire news to emergency vehicles unit

22. If you receive an emergency call from 6 years old boy about a fire in kitchen, what you should do?

A. Dispatch Fire Brigade vehicle after receiving call
B. Confirm fire news from mother or father of boy
C. Ignore this call
D. Wait for call from mother of father

23. If you received an incomplete call from a person who is injured in a car accident, person told his location, what you will do in this case?

A. Call back person and get details of accident
B. Dispatch ambulance
C. Wait for 2nd call
D. Both A and B
24. Which of the following symptoms indicate that a telephone operator is in stress?

A. Daily working overtime
B. Doing common mistakes on duty
C. Giving suggestions
D. Coming early on duty

25. If your room is equipped with Closed-circuit television (CCTV), what is main role of installing CCTV?

A. Catch criminals
B. Reduce violence
C. Prevent crime and encourage public safety
D. Log book maintenance

26. In case of ______________ incident a telephone operator should not take interest.

A. Theft of a car
B. Road traffic
C. Clash of 2 persons
D. Damage to a building

27. If you are a telephone operator and you receive 2 calls in last 10 minutes, 1 call is of fire in a shop and 2nd call is about gas leakage in a factory, what will you do?

A. Tell your officer and act accordingly
B. You will send dispatch teams one by one
C. You will dispatch teams and decide which incident is more serious
D. You will dispatch emergency vehicles to factory only

28. If you receive a telephone call of bomb threat in your own building, then what you will do in this case?

A. Tell officer immediately
B. Evacuate this building immediately
C. Inform bomb disposal unit immediately
D. Leave the control room immediately



Q #.
Right Choice

NTS PAST Paper Intelligence Beaurue

NTS PAST Paper Intelligence Beaurue

1. World water day being observed on. ( 21march, 23march, 22march, 19march)
2. Nou Roz Celebrations are associated with ( Shia sect, advent of spring, Turkish festival)
3. The biggest gathering of Nou roz are held at ( Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Syria)
4. New American Ambassidor in Pakistan is (R.Olson, David Hell, Jimmi cartor)
5. Pakistani High Commissioner to CANADA is (wajid Shamsulhasan, tariq azeem, syed ahmad jeilani) New Air Chief of Pakistan is ( Amman, Tahir rafiqu, sadiq janjua)
6. Governor Gilgit bitistan is (tahir but, barjees tahir, Peer karam shah)
7. PTI and PMLN are agreed on (JIT, Judicial Commission, NAP)
8. Austrailian High Commissioner in Pakistan (Mr Heyward, Mr,jean, Mr.jeffery guilt)
9. Buraq is a new Pakistani ( Missile, Drone, Space Craft)
10. Berq is a new Pakistani ( Missile, Drone, Space Craft)
11. Chairman of ICC is (N.Sirinivasan, Bill Geats, Brain Lara)
12. Chairman of Senate IN PAK IS (Nayyar Bukhari, Raza Rabbanin, Ghafoor haidri)
13. Who was the First Chairman of senate of Pak ( Nasir khan, Abdurrashed, Habibullah kahn)
14. 23rd March 2015 Celebration Parade will be held at (National stadium, Constitutional Avenue, D ground)
15. Shandoor pass Connects (gilgit &chitral, Chitral &Kashmirm, Chitral & Khybor)
16. Nasirulmuk is___th CJ of Pakista (21th, 22th, 24th)
17. The co Partner of Malala in Nobel prize (Ramish, Kailash, Patel)
18. The fastest Century Maker in Cricket is (Andreson, AB Deviliar, Afridi)
19. The Biggest Sea in the world (Amazon, South China Sea, Pacific)
20. The Smallest Sea (Baltic sea, Red Sea, None)
21. After how many year March Parade is going to be held ( 7year, 8year, 9year)
22. Who made Highest Score in World Cup (Guptal, Andreson, Criss Gale)
23. Longest organ in the body ( Kidney Liver, Heart)
24. How many bones in human body at birth (206, 270, 306)
25. Light of sun reached at earth in —-Minutes ( 8.20 6 10)
26. Which vitamin we get from Sunshine ( A, D, K, B)
27. Most abundant element in the Earth (Oxygen, Silicon, Hydrogen )
28. most abundant element in earth’s atmosphere 78.1% (Niterogen, Oxygen, Argon )
29. what is Solar Impulse ( Aircraft, Missile, Robote)
30. 23rd march is ( Pakistan day, Republic day, Azadi day)


Insert the mathematical sign between the following: 25 5 4 = 1
If 6x – 4 = 5x + 3, then x =?
Two cars left the same town traveling in the same direction. Car A traveled 40 miles per hour and left at 3:20. Car B traveled 50 miles per hour and left at 4:40. At what time will car B catch up with car A?
10:00 9:00 8:40 7:20 6:10
If two workers can assemble a car in 8 hours and a third worker can assemble the same car in 12 hours, then how long would it take the three workers together to assemble the car?
5/12 hrs hrs hrs hrs hrs
The units digit of a two-digit number is greater than its tens digit by 2, and the product of that number by the sum of its digits is 144. Find the number. 14 24 46 35
If the width of a rectangle is increased by 25% while the length remains constant, the resulting area is what percent of the original area? 25% 75% 125% 225%
If = x, then which of the following is a possible value of x?
-2 5 7 -3 1
if 9 members of a committee of 12 are women what persennt of all the members are men ?
( 30%, 25%, 40%, 60%)
How many divisible digits by 6 and 5 between 10 to 90? ( 11, 80, 3, 9)
30% of the 20% of 100 is ? ( 30, 8.5, 10, 6)
If 7 men do a work in 10 days. Then 9 men do the same work in how many days
Write Synonyms of the following:
1. Abate: (Lessen, essence, boast, obvious)
2. Abdicate: (Harass, abhor, abolish, to resign)
3. Auspicious: (vital, adamant, bandit, baleful )
4. Bellicose: (coward, warlike, baffle, benign )
5. Bias: (prejudice, binary, catastrophic, catharsis )
6. Decade: ( devoted, deprived, period of ten year )
7. Debug: ( among, correct, faults, detention, encroach )
8. Enigma: (riddle, problem, engross, a&b )
9. Felicity: (witty, happiness, folklore, prey )
10. Hostile: (aggressive, jovial, juvenile, jeopardize, )
Write the Antonyms of the followigs:
11. Approval: (forbid, Anxiou, asent, Malign )
12. Recovery: ( extravagant, exemption, lofty, Maze )
13. Affably: ( Scarce, reticent, Solitary, Repent )
14. Zeal: ( Apathy, Zest, Utility, vague )
15. Tyranny: ( pity, obscure, rejoice, cruel )
16. Helping verbs are also called: ( to be, was, auxiliary, denotative )
17. Taller:______________ ( adjective, adverb, verb )
18. This , That, __________ ( Personal Pronoun, Relative, Indefinite, demonstrative)
19. I and She are ________ ( Personal Pronoun, Relative, Indefinite, demonstrative)
20. Some body, was working: ( Personal Pronoun, Relative, Indefinite, demonstrative)
21. The book which you lost, ( Personal Pronoun, Relative, Indefinite, demonstrative)
22. Alas! We lost the match: (conjunction, preposition, interjection )
23. Value lies in silence: ( concrete noun, collective , abstract noun)
24. Aslam’s book:__ ( ‘ )which punctuation sign it is? )
25. He runs slowly: ( adjective, adverb, verb, noun)
26. He does not eat food.
27. I was taking tea.
28. They will have beaten me .
29. Do your work.
30. He said to us “ you eat food “.
31. He said “ you ate food yesterday “
32. He said to me “ I can go to Lahore “
33. I congratulated him ________ his success ( on, for, at )
34. I wish, I _________ a car. ( had, have, may have )
35. They quarreled ______ division of the body ( about on upon over )
36. Fate smiled _______ him in all his ventures. ( at, with, on, above)
37. Work hard _______ you should fail ( till, lest, otherwise, if)
38. He was kind enough to accede _____ his request. ( with, in, to, over)
39. OLD: ANTIQUE: (cheap: expensive, new: modern. Useless: useful )
40. Anarchy: Government: ( Penury: Wealth, Chaos: Disorder, Monarchy: Republic )
Analytical Portion
Three adults—R, S, and V—will be traveling in a van with five children—F, H, J, L, and M. The van has a driver’s seat and one passenger seat in the front, and two benches behind the front seats, one bench behind the first. Each bench has room for exactly three people. Everyone must sit in a seat or on a bench, and seating is subject to the following restrictions: An adult must sit on each bench. Either R or S must sit in the driver’s seat. J must sit immediately beside M.
1. Which of the following can sit in the front passenger seat? ( A: J B: L C: R D: S E: V )
2. Which of the following groups of three can sit together on a bench?
(A: F, J, and M, B: F, J, and V, C: F, S, and V, D: H, L, and S, E: L, M, and R)
3. If R is on driving seat which statement is true:
(S, V&F Sit together, V,F,M Sit together, S,J,M Sit together,)

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