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NTS Ministry of Defence Assistant Director Past Paper 2014

NTS Ministry of Defence Assistant Director Past Paper 2014

1) Rad Kufar is 6th Kalma
2) Siddique is the title of Hazrat Abu Bakar
3) Vectors that lie in common plane is called…..=Planar vectors
4) pressure exerted by liquid against surroundings is called….=vapor pressure
5) Positive HIV is likely to develop…. AIDS
6) Legume are good for soil because….=They have photosynthesis
7) Balance sheet is….=Statement of financial position
8) Net profit is equal to ….=Gross profit less operating expenses
9) A person arrested by Police will be produced before the magistrate within..24 hours
10) Assistant session judge gives imprisonment of four years, appeal will be made to……High Court
16) boisterous= noisy
17) Benevolence=Kindness
18) Decipher= decode
19) Exonerate=absolve
20) Sociable=friendly
21) We certainly attach concern to industry…
22) matters pertain to agriculture.
23) we seek to build
24) Everything else blow up too..
25) Agriculture becomes strongly..
31) Largest coal producing province=sindh
32) First Pakistani female to win gold medal in 11th SAF games=Naseem hameed
33) Length of Ravi=720 (options were 730, 725, 625 & 820)
34) First agriculture reforms were brought=Jan 24, 1959
35) Area separate Pakistan from Tajikistan=Wakhan
36) Kot Diji fort was built from 1785 to 1795 by= Mir Sohrab Khan Talpur
37) Indus Water Treaty was mediated by= world bank
38) Person traveled from china to india from 1271 to 1294=Marco Polo
39) Noble prizes were awarded from=1901
40) UNO was established=24 October 1945
41) Turn out in general election 2013=55%
42) Current chineese ambasdor to Pakistan=Sun Weidong
43) Lahore to Islamabad motorway is=M2
44) Island emerged at=Gawadr port
45) Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir is written by= Fatima bhutto
46) Chief justice was retired on=Dec 11, 2013
47) KPK assembly took oath on= Wednesday May 29, 2013
48) christine lagarde MD of IMF is the= first lady managing director
49) Middle eastern country facing civil war= syria
50) Assembly was dissolved for parliament elections in 2013=Maliaysia

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  1. Yasir says:

    My paper code was A1 and the questions in my paper were different than the list uploaded above.

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