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National Testing Service Paper for Primary School Teacher Test

National Testing Service Paper for Primary School Teacher Test



Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.


1.    Faheem always seeks _____ wealth.


A.       from

B.       with

C.        to

D.       for


Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.




A.       general

B.       widespread

C.        diffused

D.       common


Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.


3.    CHANGE:


A.       alter

B.       church

C.        complete

D.       decide

E.        agree


Read the passage to answer questions 4-5


The vast multitude of stars are wandering about in space. A few form groups which journey in company, but the majority are solitary travelers. And they travel through a universe so spacious that it is an event of almost unimaginable rarity for a star to come anywhere near to another star. For the most part each voyages in splendid isolation, like a ship on an empty ocean. In a scale model in which the stars are ships, the average ship will be well over a million miles from its nearest neighbor, whence it is easy to understand why a ship seldom finds another within hailing distance.


4.    Which of the following is incorrect according to the passage?


A.       Most of the stars travel in isolation

B.       The universe is very large

C.        A star very frequently comes near to another one

D.       A star very rarely comes near to another one

E.        Some stars travel in groups

5.    In the passage the “ship” symbolizes:


A.       space

B.       traveler

C.        universe

D.       ocean

E.        star




6.    6 men can do a piece of work in 12 days. How many men are needed to do the work in 18 days?


A.       3 men

B.       6 men

C.        4 men

D.       2 men


7.    When -5 is subtracted from +10, the result is:


A.       +5

B.       +15

C.        -5

D.       -15

E.        -50


8.    The circumference of a circle whose diameter is 7 inches is approximately:


A.       22 inches

B.       28 inches

C.        38 inches

D.       154 inches

E.        14 inches





9.    A boy walks 2 meters north, 4 meters west, and 2 meters south. His final displacement is:


A.       4 m east

B.       4 m west

C.        2 m north

D.       2 m south

E.        5 m northwest


10.Splitting of atoms is also called:


A.       merging

B.       moderating

C.        fusion

D.       fission


11.Forests help in checking soil erosion because:


A.       The dense growth of trees check the wind

B.       Trees use most of water that falls on the ground

C.        Roots of trees bind the solid particles

D.       The canopy of trees check the rain drops from falling on


12.For good health it is essential that our food must contain the following substances except:


A.       Carbohydrates

B.       Proteins

C.        Oils and fats

D.       Sodium chloride

E.        Water




13.Form of land which extends towards sea is called:


A.       Delta

B.       Island

C.        Plain

D.       Mountain


14.M.A.O School at Aligarh was upgraded to the level of a college in _____.


A.       1875

B.       1876

C.        1877

D.       1886



15.Pakistan has the shortest boundary with:


A.       India

B.       Afghanistan

C.        Iran

D.       China


16.Which continent has no desert?


A.       Europe

B.       Asia

C.        Australia

D.       North America




Q #. Right Choice
1 D
2 C
3 A
4 C
5 E
6 C
7 B
8 A
9 B
10 D
11 C
12 C
13 A
14 C
15 D
16 A
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