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FPSC Mcqs Sample Paper Custom Inspector/Appraising officer/ Preventive 2015

FPSC Mcqs Sample Paper Custom Inspector/Appraising officer/ Preventive 2015

1. Pass connects Upper Sawat to Lower Sawat:
a) Tochi b) Shangla c) Shandur
2. Pass links Abbotabad & Gilgat is:
a) Babusar b) Kilik c) Dorah
3. Pass connects GB to China:
a) Muztagh b) Malakand c) Tochi
4. Light travel from sun to earth in:
a) 599 Sec b) 499 Sec c) 799 Sec
5. “Tinamen Square” is located in:
a) Japan b) India c) China
6. Bethlehem is associated with:
a) St. Marry b) Jesus Christ c) St. Anatomy
7. Tenge is the currency of:
a) Kazakhstan b) Uzbekistan c) Tajikistan
8. Distance b/w Earth and Sun smallest in the
a) June b) December c) January
9. Which of the following country is known as Island
of cloves:
a) Kenya b) Zanzibar c) Bahmas
10. What se sericulture:
a) Cultivation of tree b) Rearing of Silk worm
11. Which of the following mountain systems is the
a) Himalaya b) Aravali c) Satpura
12. Western Ghats are present in:
a) India b) Nepal c) China
13. Which peninsula lies b/w the Black sea and sea
of Azov
a) Iberian b) Crimean c) Yucatan
14. Which of the following process is related to
formation of Himalayas:
a) Folding b) Sliding c) Faulting
15. Which is the largest country in the Arabian
a) Oman b) Syria c) Saudi Arabia
16. A nautical mile is equal to:
a) 1250M b) 1825M c) 1525M
17. Atmospheric temperature increase at the higher
altitude due to:
a) Conduction b) Inversion c) Convection
18. Meanings of Paramount:
a) Supreme b) Prestigious c) Valuable
19. Which pass connects Chitral with Gilgit?
a) Tochi b) Shandhur c) Shangla
20. “Pearl Harbour” is located in:
a) Alaska b) Virginia c) Hawaii
21. Who propounded the theory that the earth
revolves round the sun?
a) Galileo b) Copernicus c) Kapler
22. Neutron was discovered by:
a) Lise Meitner b) Otto Hahn c) Jame Chadwick
23. Radioactivity was discovered by:
a) Newton b) Henery Becquerel c) Marie Curie
24. Penicillin in was invented by:
a) A. Fleming b) Gregory Mendel c) Benting
25. Cell theory was propounded by:
a) Willian Harvey b) Schleiden & Schwann
26. Gene was first isolated by:
a) J.C Bose b) Khorana c) Raman
27. Insulin was discovered by:

a) F.G Banting b) A. Fleming c) Napier
28. Name the embryologist who developed “Dolly”
the first clone of a sheep:
a) Ian Wilmot b) Youngs c) Martine Nijs
29. Who invented the Laser:
a) Morrison b) Townes c) Symour
30. Sir Syed was born at Delhi in:
a) 18 Oct, 1817 b) 17 Oct, 1817 c) 19 Oct, 1817
31. Who made the Farzai Movement of Haji Shariat
Ullah popular:
a) Abbas Mian b) Dadhu Mian c) Jaidi Mian
32. Syed Ahmad Shaheed was born in:
a) 1831 b) 1786 c) 1883
33. Ottomen Empire was eliminated from world
map in:
a) 1920 b) 1922 c) 1919
34. When chambeli was selected as a National
a) 1953 b) 1949 c) 1961
35. The Bolshevik revolution is associated with:
a) France b) Russia c) Germany
36. The Boston tea party took place in:
a) 1770 b) 1776 c) 1773
37. Who was the first Abbasi Caliph:
a) Abu Abbas Alsafah b) Abbas bin Hamza c) Abu
38. Which is the largest ethnic group in
a) Dhrawray b) Chumalako c) Riva Riva d)
39. Sir Syed was elevated to the position of Chief
a) 1844 b) 1846 c) 1839
40. Ghaznvi which is also called Hatf-III was
successfully launched in
a) 2003 b) 2006 c) 2009
41. DOCILE means:
a) Stupid b) Gentle c) Stubborn
42. Air bubble in water shines because of the:
a) Dispersion b) Total Internal Reflection
43. What did Madam Curie discover:
a) Radioactivity b) Wireless c) Radium
44. Which of the following metals is used in aircraft:
a) Titanium b) Palladium c) Chromium
45. During rusting
a) Iron gains weight b) Iron loses weight
46. Rectifiers are used to convert:
a) DC to AC b) AC to DC
47. Who had written a book as the life of
Muhammad (SAW):
a) William Muir b) Janefar c) Michel
48. Who founded “Anjuman-i-Taraki-e-Urdu?
a) Allama Iqbal b) Maulvi Abdul Haq c) Waqar Ul
49. Urdu Defense Association worked for the
protection of Urdu founded by:
a) Sir Syed b) Mohsin Ul Mulk
50. Sir Syed used the word Two Nation in:
a) 1867 b) 1866 c) 1868
51. Sir Syed died on 27 March, _____ :
a) 1898 b) 1888 c) 1892

52. Which is oldest forest of Pakistan:
a) Changa Manga b) Chitral c) Junpur
53. The first track of Pakistan Railways was laid
down in:
a) 1858 b) 1861 c) 1902
54. Which is the second densely populated
province of Pakistan:
a) Sindh b) KPK c) Baluchistan
55. The French Revolution began in the year:
a) 1789 b) 1779 c) 1769
56. MAO college became university:
a) 1919 b) 1875 c) 1920
57. Buff means:
a) Slave b) Enthusiast c) Clown
58. Concise means:
a) Solid b) Small c) Brief
59. Hemophilia because of absence of:
a) Anti Genes b) Antibodies c) Clothing
60. Deficiency of calcium leads to:
a) Rickets b) Scurvy c) Anemia
61. Amount of water in mammalian blood is:
a) 93% b) 90% c) 92%
62. What is penicillin:
a) Vitamin b) Analgesic c) Antibiotic
63. Liver produces:
a) Bile b) Enzymes c) Hormones
64. Which is the following is fire resistant:
a) Gypsum b) Asbestos
65. “The Idea of Pakistan” was written by:
a) Martin Bid b) S.P Cohen c) Harold Pinter
66. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is also called:
a) Guddu b) Kotri c) Jinnah
67. Which of the Hindi year is called Brother of
a) Magh b) Chate c) Sahvan
68. Capital of Taiwan is:
a) Hanoi b) Taipei c) minsk
69. Olympic airways belong to which country:
a) Germany b) France c) Greece
70. NYERE is currency of:
a) Niger b) Nigeria c) Togo
71. Who wrote “Clash of civilization”:
a) Obama b) Huntington c) Clinton
72. Bosphorous strait connects the black sea with
a) Red Sea b) Marmara Sea c) Java Sea
73. Abel Tasman discovered the country:
a) Nepal b) New Zealand c) Australia
74. Aurengzeb died in:
a) 1707 b) 1710 c) 1717
75. Nadir Shah attacked Delhi in:
a) 1737 b) 1740 c) 1739
76. Who won the first Anglo-Sikh war:
a) Muslims b) British c) Sikhs
77. How many Mughal Emperors ruled:
a) 16 b) 15 c) 17
78. Meanings of WRATH:
a) Hatred b) Anger c) Violence
79. Short sightedness can be corrected by:
a) Convex Lens b) Concave Lens
80. Deficiency of Iron in human diet causes:
a) Goiter b) Rickets c) Anemia
81. Mumps is a disease caused by:

Virus b) Fungus c) Bacteria
82. What type of infection is Tuberculosis:
a) Viral b) Bacterial c) Fungal
83. Which following disease is not water born:
a) Cholera b) Typhoid c) Influenza
84. MAO school upgraded to college in:
a) 1877 b) 1875 c) 1878
85. Who said, “Congress was mainly a Hindu body
insincere to the Muslims”
a) Iqbal b) Sir Syed c) Johar
86. Muslim majority district of Jammu and Kashmir
a) 13 b) 17 c) 10
87. NPT was signed on:
a) 1st July 1968 b) 1st July 1965 c) 1st July 1960
88. In which year New Zealand Government
granted right of vote to women:
a) 1793 b) 1893 c) 1993
89. In 1540 Suri defeated King Humayun in the
Battel of:
a) Panipat b) Kennauj c) Holdighat
90. Father of Russian Revolution:
a) Lenin b) Karl Marx c) Hitler
91. What is the summer nation fruit of Pakistan:
a) Mango b) Jack Fruit c) Sugar Cane
92. Which of the following is regarded as a factor of
a) Interest b) Profit c) Capital
93. In which year Muhammad bin Qasim defeated
Raja Dahir:
a) 712 b) 715 c) 718
94. The total length of LOC:
a) 720 b) 740 c) 760
95. Which of the following countries have / has
unwritten constitution:
a) Israel b) UK c) New Zealand d) All
96. Deputy Speaker of National Assembly is:
a) Murtaza Javed b) Aslam Baloch c) Abdul Qadir
97. The constituency of Ayaz Sadiq is NA?
a) 125 b) 122 c) 154
98. Who is the Naval Chief?
a) Sohail Aman b) Zaka Ullah c) Raheel Sharif
99. Who was the earliest sect of Islam:
a) Kharji b) Munfiq c) Alvi
100. The person killed by Prophet (SAW):
a) Ubay Bin Kalf b) Ubay Bin Marva c) Ubay Bin
Abu Jahl

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