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FPSC MCQS Paper of Appraising/Valuation Paper(BATCH-III) 2015

FPSC MCQS Paper of Appraising/Valuation Paper(BATCH-III) 2015


For each question, find the sentence that has a mistake
in capitalization or punctuation. If you find no
mistakes, mark choice d.

1- a. The instructor asked us if we needed more
 question marks is incorrect
b. Carla’s mother is a pediatric dentist.
c. Every item in the store costs less than a
d. No mistakes.

2- a. Jane’s family owned three Persian cats.
b. My Uncle always takes the subway to Yankee

c. Everyone knows that Marisa’s favorite book
is Pride and Prejudice.
d. No mistakes

3. a. “I’ll do the grocery shopping for you,
grandma,” Lucy said.
b. “Where can I find the best pizza in town?”
he asked.
c. “Be sure to arrive two hours early,” she
d. No mistakes.

4-. a. I always have a hard time getting up in the
b. We tooka tent, a cooler, and a sleeping bag.
c. The fog was as thick as potato soup.
d. No mistakes.

5-. a. This is someone elses coat.
b. Which of these songs was recorded by Bruce
c. That book must be yours.
d. No mistakes.

6. a. Don’t stand in my way.
b. Cecilia and I fought our way through the
c. The vegetables were old rubbery and
tasteless(need comma).

d. No mistakes.

7-. a. Remember to walk the dog.
b. “Don’t run”! Mr. Ellington shouted.(must be inside commas)
c. It’s supposed to snow today and tomorrow.
d. No mistakes.

8. a. Charleen’s parents worried whenever she
drove the car.
b. Who designed the Brooklyn Bridge?
c. Diseases like Smallpox and Polio have been
eradicated.(no need to capitalize)

d. No mistakes.

9-. a. Can you find the Indian ocean on this map?Ocean
b. Which river, the Nile or the Amazon, is
c. Lerner Avenue runs into the Thompson
d. No mistakes.

10. a. He’s the best dancer in the school.
b. We were planning to go, but the meeting
was canceled.
c. “Okay,” she said,I’ll go with you.”=(“I’ll go with you.”)
d. No mistakes.

11. a. Does Judge Parker live on your street?
b. Twenty government officials met to deal
with Wednesday’s crisis.
c. The Mayor spoke at a news conference this

d. No mistakes.

General Intelligence

12-Objective resolution was presented by =liaqat ali khan

13-rate of respiration —-with rise in temperature( increases ,decreases slowly, decreases abruptly)
(such that as the temperature rises, so will the rate of cellular respiration, and as the temperature decreases, so will the rate of cellular respiration.

14-Kashmir plebiscited by UN in : 1949 

15-on 30 september 1947 pakistan joined which organization= UNO

16-The State Bank itself was inaugurated by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 1st July: (1947, 1948, 1949, none)

17-who conquered last fort of khyber? Hazrat Ali (RA)

18-the first copy of The Holy Quran was compiled =Hazrat Abu Bakar (RA)

19-hijri calender was started by :Hazrat Umar RA

20-richest source of vitamin a is =carrot

21-treaty of hudaibiya between muslims and ?= non believers of Makkah

22-Washing soda : hydrated sodium carbonate

23-Nobel prize abdul salam was awarded in=1979,1969

24-einstein nobel prize in =physics

25-The olive branch is usually a symbol of= peace

26-youm e yakjehti pak Kashmir=5 feb

27-Wood burning emit =carbon mono oxide.

28-Why rainbow formed after rain=water droplet stay in air and refrect light like prism

29Why pressure cooker cook in less time = more pressure increases boiling point of water

30-Unit of current=ampere

31-United Nations was officially formed= 1945

32-Tauheed means _________. a)Oneness of Allah b)To recognize one c)Sovereignty of All d)All of them

33-why evaporation lowers temperature?=cooling effect
How fan provides cooling=fan help air to mve and carry water molecules

34-One horsepower for rating electric motors is equal to= 746 watts

35-why pressure cooker cooks food fast?=boiling point of water increases

36-sea water purify through the process of =distillation

37-hard water doest not mix with soap why?=carbonates of calcium and manessium

38-What is the literal meaning of Sunnah?
A mode of life, A manner of Acting, and A Rule of Conduct.all

39-hadis means? Saying,actions,recommendation,all of these

40-Islam literal meaning? submission to Allah

41-Rasool means= arbitrator,messenger

42-can be used as a fuel =methane


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