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FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II Mcqs Paper (16-9-15)

FPSC Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II Mcqs Paper (16-9-15)

Customs and Intelligence Officer Batch-II

  1. Feckless (teammate = describes people or behavior with no energy and enthusiasm
  2. Maladroit (juggler== awkward in movement or unskilled in behaviour or action
  3. Bourgeois (family= belonging to or typical of the middle class
  4. Reprobate= a person of bad character and habits
  5. Shrewd means intelligent
  6. Urbane = confident, comfortable and polite in social situations
  7. The noise from the lawn moves becomes /gets louder as the morning progresses.
  8. The woman who confronted the owner of unleashed dog was angry.
  9. He is planning to read this book before summer—ends.
  10. We have been eating more sweets since that wonderful shop opened.
  11. Last week they were offered luncheon in rescuing the boy who had fallen in the canal.
  12. He swung the bat.
  13. Call the Police immediately.
  14. First constitution of Pakistan was forced in 1956
  15. Prime minister addressed assembly on 4 June 13.
  16. Zarbe Azab was initiated on- 15-June-14
  17. Turkish PM arrived in Pakistan on 17 February-15
  18. China President visited 20-April-15
  19. 8 JF-17 plans escorted xi-jinping plan
  20. 21st amendment by NA on 6-Jan-15
  21. Human beings have system… 6
  22. PTI de-seating motion was withdrawn on 6 august 15
  23. Volume of CPEC contract is 46 billion Dollars
  24. MoU signed by china under CPEC… 51
  25. Raheel Sharif belongs to frontier force regiment
  26. Mangla dam is situated in Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir
  27. Largest source of Energy for Pakistan—Hydel, thermal??
  28. Two generals of Pakistan army was punished in which Scam—NLC
  29. Oldest state of Pakistan-Bahawalpur
  30. Current defense minister- Khawaja Asif
  31. Current governor of Balochistan- Muhammad Khan Achakzai
  32. Current governor of Punjab-Rafique Rajwana
  33. Name of Taliban Commander-Mullah Akhtar Mansoor
  34. Ghazwae Badar was fought in -2 Hijri
  35. Fort ‘Qamoos’ conquered by Hazrat Ali (R.A)
  36. Device used to measure Earthquake is — seismograph
  37. National Assembly seats… 342
  38. Tribe exiled from Madina –Banu Nuzair
  39. Short sightedness… Distant objects difficult to see.
  40. First revelation of Wahi at the age of 40
  41. Length of the route of Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service… 22.5 km
  42. Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service was inaugurated by PM… 4 June-15
  43. Work is under construction on western route of CPEC
  44. Largest Planet… Jupiter
  45. Speed to escape earth radius… Escape velocity.
  46. Density of water… 1g/cm^3
  47. Oldest princely state of Pakistan… Bahawalpur
  48. Pakistan Bought Gawader from Oman
  49. The river which do not flow from Jammu and Kashmir.. None of the above
  50. ALLAH sent how may prophets –124,000
  51. There is no place in world where ALLAH did not sent his— apostle
  52. First president of AIML was Sir Agh Khan
  53. 206 bones are in a human body
  54. Botany is study of plants
  55. Skelton which protects brain is Skull
  56. Sui Gas was discovered in 1952
  57. Pakistan is the 6th largest country in terms of population
  58. There are 8 members of SAARC
  59. Unit of charge is coulomb
  60. Which one is greater 2 or 5/3 and by how much. 2 and by .333—1/3–(but this answer was not available in

given option so the right answer was none of the above

  1. ‘A’ weighs 3/5 of his weight plus 16, what is A’s weight
  2. Pillars of islam—5
  3. SIM stands for subscriber identity module
  4. Police stands for Protection Of Life and Investigating Criminals Establishment
  5. 71-2=68,58-4=46, 99-5=85,84-3=? (if the question is right then the answer is 79. The logic behind this

question is

  1. “Every action has a reaction” is newtons third law
  2. Orange contains which vitamins, A,B&C
  3. Wright brothers invented the plan


English portion

Fill in the blank with the correct verb form.



.1 On March 15, 2006, the Maywood Recreation Department requested a grant from the state to rebuild the community

center that _____________ in the recent fire. a. destroys b. will be destroyed c. had been destroyed d. is being



2. We have _____________ more sweets since that wonderful bakery opened down the block. a. ate b. been eating c.

been eat d. eat


3 While attempting to _____________ his broken bicycle, Leo Donner realized that he didn’t have the proper tools. a.

be repairing b. have repaired c. repair d. repaired


4 the police immediately. a. Call b. Called c. Been calling d. To call


5. The biggest problem with Martha’s garden _____________ too many weeds. a. will have been b. were c. will have d.



6 Last week, Tracy and Shane were honored at a luncheon for their part in rescuing a child who _____________ into an

icy pond. a. falls b. would fall c. had fallen d. has fallen



7 The woman who confronted the owner of the unleashed dog _____________ angry. a. were b. was c. are d. have



8 The boy _____________ the bat and ran to f irst base as fast as he could. a. swings b. swinged c. swung d. swing


9 There _____________ four excellent restaurants in the center of town. a. is b. are c. was d. being


10 The noise from the lawn mowers _____________ louder as the morning progresses. a. gets b. get c. have gotten d.

are getting

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