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1. Questions from 1 to no 10 were easy basic English in which we have to put where whom whose etc
2. Questions from 11 to 20 were of English synonyms
3. Accord—Agreement
4. Anthology——- collection of writing
5. Adjourn—–journey, Postpone
6. Burrow——- ditch,hole like
7. Bully—– threat etc
8. Exhorted——-
9. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH performed how many hajj……One
10. OPEC head quarters in Ryad
11. SAARC Kathmandu
12. International court of Justice Headquarter is in England FRance , Netherlands
13. Incidence of WTC 11 sept 2001
14. deep ocean of world is.. pacific
15. Pakistan resolution was passed in 1940 at……….. Lahore
16. The Poet of East is called to …….Allama Iqbal
17. Total number of verses in Quran……. 6666 7777 8888 5555
18. Who presented the first constitutional assembly in 1949 liaqat ali khan
19. Uno india pak cease in Kashmir 29 ajn 1948
20. Kashmir day 6 feb
21. On 30 sept 1945 Pakistan join uno
22. Uno date 24 oct 1945
23. IAEA stands for…….. International Atomic Energy Agency
24. Currency of Japan is yen
25. No. of surat in Holly Quran 114
26. First bomb on Hiroshima Nagasaki
27. Geneva is the capital of…….. Switzerland
28. National flower of Pakistan is……..jasmin
29. The average of 16a+10, -4a+28, 10 & 24a-4: 9a+11
30. IMF headquarter in……….Washington DC, Newyork
31. Olivia sign which means…….. progress, love, peace
32. Hadith means……… sayings of prophet (PBUH)
33. Area of rectangle is 48 and its diagonal will be….. 16
34. The rectangle has 30 foot and 40 foot and its 250 foot then its 30,000
35. 1/5% of 6000 is 12
36. The decimal form of 0.4% is: 0.004
37. A number divided by the 24 and 32 is also divided by………48
38. Which expression is equivalent to 4x+8=16 4x+8-8=16-8
39. Punjab by … area to total Pakistan 15% 25 50
40. It takes 5 days to ali to make an assignment to complete.and samina do the same assignment in 20 days How long would it take them both to complete the same task if they work togather?4 5 3 2 1
41. 27600 total and 45% are male and in which 50% are at 25 or young what is the percentage of above 25?
42. A tile of square is 12 foot and the rectangle is 13 into 14 foot find total tile needed 90 ,150etc
43. A pharmacist combines ingredients x, y and z in a ratio of 2:4:14 to produce a medicine. How many ounces of the second ingredient y, is needed to make a 24 grams of the medicine? 4.8 Gram, 1.16 grm
44. If a sale garment cost Rs.2240 after a 20% discount, what was its original price?
45. The function of fuse is to protect the circuit from excessive current
46. The tungsten wire is used in bulb to have high melting point
47. When Quaid-e-Azam took oath as Governer General of Pakistan? 15 August 1947
48. Water boils at 100 degree but depends on atmospheric pressure
49. retina human eye act as a …….camera lens
50. Meteorology is called……. Atmosphere meteors etc
51. currently people have most complaints about police
a) refusal to write fir b) bad behavior c) illegal custody d) harassment
52. if someone wants to interrupt a road then from whome he should take approval
a) sp b) sub inspector c) inspector d) none of these
53. if someone wants toask permission a road then from whome he should take approval
a) supritendant b) sub inspector c) inspector d) none of these
54. If someone messes with law he has penalty of…
(A) Arrest for 6moths (B)cash 50000 (C)both A and B (D)arrest for 12 months
55. Who has the primary powers of investigation of crimes, murders etc..
a) rangers b) police c) central investigation agency d) all of these
56. what type of evidences are acceptable in courts
a) documentary b) eye witness c) personal hearing d) all of these
57. Odjance offence is
(A) He can arrest at the point with warrant
(B) He can arrest without sowing warrant
(C) Both A and B
(D) none
58. what is meant by locus standi

When Crimea was annexed by Russia ? 18 March 2014
When KSA begun military operation against Yemen ? 25 March 2015
Total members of SAARCH? 8
Official languages of NATO? 2 french english
IRAN-Pakistan gas pipeline is also called ? peace pipeline 
Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline inaugurated ? 11 march 2013
Who is the CIA Chief ? john brenon
Prophet Muhammad Belongs to ? Hashmi Tribe
Prophet Muhammad had___ sons ? 3
In photosynthesis plants requires ? water + Sun light
21st amendment has been done with which Article of the Constitution? 
Headquarter of Transparency international ? Berlin
Most abundant element in earth crust? Oxygen
Most abundant element in universe ? Hydrogen
Sun is ( what ) ? Star

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