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Federal Public Service Commission FPSC CSS Indo Pak History Paper 2015

Federal Public Service Commission FPSC CSS  Indo Pak History  Paper 2015

Analyze the political, social and religious conditions of India at the advent of Arab invasion of Sindh.

2. Elaborate on the consolidation of Delhi Sultanate under Sultan Shamsuddin Iltutmish.

3. What was the Mongol threat to India? How far did the early Sultans of Delhi succeed in repulsing them from the frontiers of India?

4. Critically analyse the economic and social policies of the Sultans of Delhi and its effect on the local population.

5. Evaluate authority and kingship under the Sultans particularly the Theory of Kingship of Balban and its impact upon the Muslim rule in India.

6. Analyse in detail art and literature under the Mughals.

7. Discuss in detail the interaction of Islam with Indian Society and its effect on the future communal relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Indian Sub-Continent.

1. Analyse the political views and services of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the context of Hindu-Muslim politics. What factors were responsible for his shift from Indian Nationalism to Muslim sub-nationalism?

2. Why the Hiindus were so vehemently opposed to the partition of the province of Bengal in 1905? Discuss in length the Hindu agitation against the partition which finally resulted in its cancellation.

3. “Though the Khilafat and Hijrat movements failed to achieve their immediate objectives but they had great impacts on the lives of the Indian Muslims.” Thoroughly analyse this statement and give arguments in support of your viewpoint.

4. “The Nehru Report struck the last nail in the coffin of Hindu-Muslim Unity.” Elucidate the statement by giving the clauses of the Nehru Report which were unacceptable to the Indian Muslims and vehemently opposed by the Muslim leaders and Muslim political organizations.

5. Write note on the elections of 1937 and the Muslim grievances under the Congress rule in the provinces from July 1937 to October 1939.

6. Give an account of the factors responsible for the delay in the drafting of the first Constitution of Pakistan for nine years focusing on the differences between the political leadership of the East and West Pakistan.

7. Discuss in length Pakistan’s relations with the United States in historical perspective. What future do you foresee for Pakistan’s alliance with the United States in the ongoing Global War on Terror?

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