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Assistant Superintendent Jail Mcqs Paper

Assistant Superintendent Jail Mcqs Paper



1. Challenge
2. Opportunity
3. Immediately
4. Electricity

Opposite of:

5. Contract- Subtract
6. Gradual – Sudden


7. Divided _____ Aslam and Saleem. (b/w,among,in)
8. Army fled _______ the battle field. (out,from,on)
9. ….brought_______ control. (under,in,on)
10. He set example _______ people. (for,to,from)


1. Chaha Chakan kis ne likhi? Imtiaz Ali Taj
2. Raja Gidh kis ne likhi ? Banu Qudsia
3. Tehzeeb-ul-ekhlaq kis ne likhi? Sir. Syed
4. Naqsh-e-Faryadi,Lenon Award,Sialkot kis poet ki traf ishara he? Faiz Ahmad Faiz
5. Talu-e-Islam kis ne likhi?
6. Shair jis ne Punjab university me as mazdor kam kia or bad me teacher b bany? Ehsan Danish
7. Awami Shair kisay kehty hen? Akbar Ala Abadi
8. He Justaju k…………. kis ka shair he?
9. Urdu k pehly Nawal Nigar? Deputy Nazir Ahmad
10. Jadid Urdu Nassar K bani? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


1. Saha Sitta me kitni books he? 6
2. Quran me kitny Raku hen? 558
3. Sab se ziyada zikar Quran me kis Nabi ka aaya he? Mosa A.S
4. Kis Ghazwa me Abu Bakar R.A ne apna sara mall pesh kr dia tha? Badar
5. Tadveen-ul-Quran kis k dor me start hoi? Abu Bakar (R.A)
6. Bait-ul-Muqadas kin k dor me fatah hoi? Umar (R.A)
7. 10th Islamic month is ? Shawal
8. Zikat kin logo ko nhe di jasakti? Non Muslims
9. Masjid-e-Nabvi ki tamer kab hoi? 1 Hijri
10. Kis Khalifa ne KHAWARIJ k qila kuma kia? Ali R.A
11. Namaz-e-Istasqa kab parhi jati he? For Rain

Pakistan Studies:

1. Which Muslim majority state was given to India in 1947? Amritsar
2. Which Muslim ruler set rule in Maysour? Tipu Sultan
3. In 1739 which ruler attacked on Dehli? Nadir Shah
4. Founder of Farazi Movement? Haji Shariyat Ullah
5. Founder of Jihad Movement ? Sheikh Ahmed Shaheed
6. When Quaid give 14 points? 1929
7. When Pakistan joined NAM? 1979
8. War of plassy ? 1757
9. The main purpose of Islamic Ideology Consul is? Control on making laws against Islamic teaching
10. Coldest place of Pakistan (Ziarat/Sawat/Muree/Quetta)? Ziarat
11. When Quaid join ML? 1906
12. In which two provinces ML established ministries in 1937-1946 elections.
13. Lord Maculay famous for? Education/English Language
14. Second constitution of Pakistan? 1962
15. Second Governor General ? Khawaja Nazim ud din
16. When Ayub dismissed sikander Mirza? 1958
17. Z.A Bhutto become P.M ? 14 aug 1973
18. First time Nawaz Sharif become P.M ? 1990
19. Which number of current assemblies? 14
20. Seats of N.A? 342
21. Asrar-ul-Sanadid is written by? Ir. Syed Ahmad Khan
22. Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman is founder of? Jang Group
23. Seats of women in N.A? 60
24. Ch.Nisar is? Interior Ministeer
25. Nayyar Bukhari is? Chairman Senate
26. Abdul Malik is C.M of? Balochistan
27. Sachal Sarmast saint belong to? Sind
28. Kala Bagh Dam is source of which power? Hydro
29. Picture print on the back of 5000 note.
30. In which bank personal account is not open? State Bank
31. Which brave lady fought in revolt 1857? Rani Of Jhansi
32. Who was the lord during Bengal partion 1906? Lord Curzon
33. Qadir Pur gas field is in? Sind
34. WANA is the main town of? South Waziristan

G.K and EDS

1. Capital of Ethiopia? Adis Ababa
2. Capital of UAE? Abu Dhabi
3. Capital of Sudan? Khartoum
4. Aleppo coastline area of? Syria
5. Carnivores animal feed by? Animal
6. Guanta Namu Bay jail is in? Cuba
7. Remission means is? Convert death sentence to age detention
8. Maximum calories contain by? Fats
9. Blood vessels take blood from heart through? Arteries
10. After imprisonment releasing of prison on some condition through? Parole
11. Total Jail in Punjab? 32
12. Ban ki Mon belongs to ? South Korea
13. Juvenile/Bristol jails in Punjab? 2
14. During heating substance changed its (mass/volume/weight)? All of These
15. Acid used in car batteries ? Sulphuric Acid
16. Insulin produced in human body by? Pancreas
17. Who is Arab Chemist? Jabir Bin Hiyan
18. Gobi desert located in which continent? Asia
19. Madagascar is located in? Africa
20. Silicon Valley is famous for? Computer Industries
21. Sound travel _____ then light? Faster
22. Which blood element helping in blood clotting ? Platelets
23. Messy is the player of? Football
24. Ricky pointing belong to ? Australia
25. Grand Salam Associated with ? Tennis
26. Which one is not a primary color(Red/blue/yellow/green) ? Yellow
27. In night plants discharged ? Carbon dioxide
28. Taksim Squire situated in? Turky Istanbul
29. Tayab Aurdagan Is P.M of? Turky
30. Court calls a person by law order is called? Summons
31. Shortsightedness man? Distance objects

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